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Friday, September 14, 2018

Poetry Book Published

Thank you for supporting my writing on the Blog. I get more than 2000 readers every month.
I thought I will let you know that me my poetry book has been published.
There are 100 poems in my poetry book "Mystic Delights Through The Senses".
There are four distinct categories of experiences or inner perception from which these poems have poured forth. They are Nature, People, Places and the deep nature of our existence.
I am certain that the book will be an empowering read and a deep emotional experience.

Please let your friends know and purchase this book to support a cause.

The sales proceeds from the book goes to AMITA FOUNDATION for sponsorship of education of socially challenged children.                   
The book is available internationally in the paperback print as well as EBook format at the following online stores:


AMAZON USA:                   
AMAZON UK:                     
AMAZON INDIA:                


AMAZON KINDLE:              
GOOGLE PLAY:                  

Thank you for your support

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