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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Humanity as Cosmic Pilgrims

In Bhagavad Gita lectures Srila Prabhupada defines the Supersoul as Adhiyajña, and the soul as Adhibhūta.
The Adhiyajna or the Logos is the perennial source from which a human being is breathed into or breathed out of a cosmic body or vesture. Each is a blessed beneficiary of the ceaseless cosmic sacrifice, from dawn to dusk, from birth to death. The meaning of sacrifice must be understood here in its proper context. The word ‘sacrifice’ comes from two Latin words meaning ‘to make holy’. Hence the material manifestation of man is made holy through the investiture of Adhibhūta. At the initiation of manvantara (the end of man) and pralaya (the cosmic dissolution), it is through gratitude and devotion to the Logos as Adhiyajna (the concept off true worship), maintained over many lifetimes and ascending through ordered levels of manifestation, that human beings fulfill the true purpose of their cosmic existence. This gradual ascent is the work of the whole of evolution, and in the end it takes the host of immortal souls to the great day of 'Be-With-Us', which is not a fixed locus or final epoch but a sublime state of spiritual consciousness or in human terms Krishna Consciousness.
In Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky puts the above concept in her own illustrious way:
“It must not be supposed that the Logos is but a single centre of energy manifested from Parabrahmam; there are innumerable other centres...and their number is almost infinite in the bosom of Parabrahmam.' Hence the expressions, 'The Day of Come to us' and 'The Day of Be with us,' etc. Just as the square is the Symbol of the Four sacred Forces or Powers – Tetraktis – so the Circle shows the boundary within the Infinity that no man can cross, even in spirit, nor Deva nor Dhyan Chohan. The Spirits of those who 'descend and ascend' during the course of cyclic evolution shall cross the 'iron-bound world' only on the day of their approach to the threshold of Paranirvana.” …..............Secret Doctrine i 134
For the information of Christian believers, this resonates with the evolutionary trajectory proposed by Teilhard de Chardin as the Omega Point culminating in the Divine Logos. Teilhard argued that the Omega Point resembles the Christian Logos, namely Christ, who draws all things into himself, who in the words of the Nicene Creed, is "God from God," "Light from Light," "True God from true God," and "through him all things were made." In the Book of Revelation, Christ describes himself thrice as "the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end." The Divine manifestation in the human nature of Krishna or Jesus must be referred as Krishna consciousness or Christ consciousness (Teilhard called this as Cosmic Christ). We dilute and distort this beautiful and spiritually empowering concept when we assign only the historical and physical dimension of a Divine manifestation.
In his book “The Spirit of the Liturgy “ Pope Benedict XVI, wrote:
“And so we can now say that the goal of worship and the goal of creation as a whole are one and the same—divinization, a world of freedom and love. But this means that the historical makes its appearance in the cosmic. The cosmos is not a kind of closed building, a stationary container in which history may by chance take place. It is itself movement, from its one beginning to its one end. In a sense, creation is history. Against the background of the modern evolutionary world view, Teilhard de Chardin depicted the cosmos as a process of ascent, a series of unions. From very simple beginnings the path leads to ever greater and more complex unities, in which multiplicity is not abolished but merged into a growing synthesis, leading to the “Noosphere”, in which spirit and its understanding embrace the whole and are blended into a kind of living organism. Invoking the epistles to the Ephesians and Colossians, Teilhard looks on Christ as the energy that strives toward the Noosphere and finally incorporates everything in its “fullness’. From here Teilhard went on to give a new meaning to Christian worship: the transubstantiated Host is the anticipation of the transformation and divinization of matter in the christological “fullness”. In his view, the Eucharist provides the movement of the cosmos with its direction; it anticipates its goal and at the same time urges it on.” (emphasis added by the book’s author)
Let every moment of our lives, which is a Divine gift for restoration of our true Divine nature, be spent in constant endeavor towards a sacrificial worship, making holy, through every thought, word and deed.

Love to you all


  1. Thought, word and Deed all the three keeping in same line is the Key.
    Thanks for the wonderful reflections