Thursday, July 6, 2017

Voice in the Street and the Wilderness

"The alchemists say that this mystery lies in the most insignificant & cheapest things, rejected and thrown away by all men. This is an excellent description of the unconscious which always seems a minus to us because we cannot see it. It is actually the most insignificant thing, it is everywhere, & yet no one sees it. “Per vicos acclamans", It is calling through the streets [concerning the alchemical mystery & the unconscious], is a very peculiar remark. When the bride in the "Song of Solomon" is searching for the bridegroom, she says : 'I will rise now, & go about the city in the streets, & in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth.'" …………………..C.G. Jung
“As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet: “A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.” ………..Luke 3:4
While physical alchemy is purely a materialistic process by altering and transforming the properties within matter, spiritual alchemy is concerned with freeing your authentic Self which is trapped and conditioned within you by the polluted content of your consciousness (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). Spiritual alchemy is vastly more multi-faceted.
Jung is commonly accorded the recognition as the main advocate and promoter of alchemical process in psychoanalysis. He argued that he had noticed many of the symbols found in alchemy texts mysteriously showing up in the dreams of his patients – most of whom had no prior knowledge of Alchemy.
He concluded that alchemy was a superb expression of the universal symbols of consciousness, and was therefore a highly effective tool for psychological insight. Materia Prima, The Philosophers Stone and Gold are the most commonly known symbols relating to Alchemy.
Materia Prima (or “first matter”), is an Alchemic symbol that reflects the notion that all the universe originated from a primitive, formless base which in Jung’s classification is the universal unconsciousness. This is the materialistic symbolism of Gold in alchemy. The idea of a “Materia Prima” can be traced back to Aristotle who understood that there is a force that holds all other forms in existence together but is itself invisible – these days, this is called “Spirit” in the western philosophical tradition. Science and especially particle physics points to the sub-quantum foam of pure potentiality from which all particle are but vibrations into grosser manifestation. This invisible substratum is a field of pure potential that can only come into existence when it is embodied into a “form.”
It is by refining the base material, such as lead, that the Materia Prima is arrived at. In psychoanalysis, it is the regressive method of using symbols in the dream state of consciousness or evocative symbols that manifest in waking consciousness that pure content of the spiritual status can be derived. This new knowledge can then be used to formulate a process for spiritual transformation. This transformation is a self-actualizing process where the psychotherapist or counsellor plays a catalytic role.
The universal presence of this state of pure potentiality is present everywhere and its expansiveness is symbolized by stating its presence in the ‘street’ as well as in the ‘wilderness’.
A voice calling out in the street as well as in the wilderness symbolized a universal presence which bears meaning only when there is someone to hear. The conscious, subjective tuning into this voice is the tool of transformation. As the Gospel says; it is a call to prepare and straighten the path for this higher state of consciousness to pervade our being.
Jung rightly points out the meaning of the search for the bridegroom by the bride in the streets and broad ways.

Love to you all

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