Saturday, January 14, 2017

Suspended Between the Opposites

A suspension between the opposites, (i.e., an ego in the banal world who does not know he is also an eternal being), followed by a breaking of the blockage, the stasis, through a transforming dialogue of the Ego with the Self, allowing movement and flow, and leading to the living birth of an unanticipated created third :
"The confrontation of the two positions generates a tension charged with energy and creates a living, third thing, not a logical stillbirth in accordance with the principle ‘tertium non datur’ [law of the excluded middle], but a movement out of the suspension between opposites, a living birth that leads to a new level of being, a new situation." ……………………C.G. Jung, The Transcendent Function
Perhaps the best visualization of the above theme is the painting by Salvador Dali “Christus Hypercubus”. Dali utilizes a traditional Christian motif of Christ’s crucifixion being surreally revealed  upon as in a mystical revelation, yet the cross is formed by an unfolding octahedral hypercube (a four-dimensional cube). The artist’s metaphysical, transcendent cubism is based on the emergent art form of cubism
In this painting there is an emergence of Christ from the cross into a new dimension. The entire crucifixion theme is loaded with the theme of being suspended  between polar opposites. Christ being crucified between the two thieves of whom one is good and another bad, reflects this theme. We lose the greater significance when we are rooted only in the physical image of the event.
What Jung calls “…..a living birth that leads to a new level of being” is a stage of evolution in the human to a new level of consciousness. The purpose of crucifixion is to unite the two dimensions of the ego personality of the individual in the horizontal dimension and the cosmic or Divine level in the vertical dimension. This is why the Roman cross, an instrument of execution, which had only a horizontal bar is shown in the teaching of Christianity with a vertical extension bringing forth the esoteric meaning hidden in this event.
This theme figures in the science fiction novel “Factoring Humanity” by  Robert J. Sawyer. In this novel, the author brings out the initiation of transcendence of the Homo Sapience to the next evolutionary level by a stream of signal which is detected coming from the Alpha Centauri system. Mysterious, unintelligible data streams in for nearly ten years and it is left to Heather Davis, a professor in the University of Toronto, psychology department, to devote her career to deciphering the message. Once it is deciphered it reveals a technology that can rip the very fabric of space time. This means that access consciousness can instantaneously connect on a Galactic scale beyond the limitation of four dimensional solar consciousness. This leads humans to evolve to the next stage of their being. What is important and what this novel brings out is that the moment we are able to transcend our limitation of consciousness in the four dimensions of spacetime, we can actualize our innate potential to transcend beyond our ego dominated nature.
“To be receptive to the highest truth, and to live therein, a man must needs be without before and after, untrammelled by all his acts or by any images he ever perceived, empty and free, receiving the divine gift in the eternal Now, and bearing it back unhindered in the light of the same with praise and thanksgiving in our Lord Jesus Christ.” …………Meister Eckhart
The highest truth cannot be availed if one is rooted in the past or the future. The very nature of being struck to the past denies the evolutionary potential in man to become operative and trying to look for truth in the future is futile exercise as the complexity of the evolutionary process makes any perception in the future dimension a mere illusion which will be rooted in ignorance. If we understand our Divine and cosmic nature and the capacity of our consciousness to transcend our current nature, which is the aggregate of our fossilized perceptions, then we reside in the fertile moment of here and now. A state of emptiness which has infinite potential of manifesting to the fullness of the highest truth.
“The teaching of the Eastern philosophies and of Jung are that all of our stories of right and wrong are but reflections of the yet unreconciled polarities that make up our ego’s. To ‘free’ ourselves from our constricting beliefs and make peace with ourselves and the world, we have to learn to embrace and bear apparent paradox (more on this in my next post). Jung, thus, compared individuation, the process of becoming whole, to incarnation, for to the extent that we claim our wholeness we allow ‘God’ to incarnate in this world.” …………’Truthless Truth Blog’
If we want to transcend towards the higher truth then every moment of our lives has to be a reincarnation or a new birth and this birth has to happen by painfully extracting ourselves from the existing dimensions of conditioned consciousness into a new realm of being.

Love to you all

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