Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Initiation through Sacred Geometry

"Accustomed to looking at philosophy as a makeshift, a groping toward truth, changing in accordance with the acquisition of mere information, there are few people nowadays who can even grasp the assertion that there is an ultimate truth against which everything can be measured, and which is accessible to man" ………………………………Idries Shah, The Sufis
"Within the human consciousness is the unique ability to perceive the transparency between absolute, permanent relationships, contained in the insubstantial forms of a geometric order, and the transitory, changing forms of our actual world. The content of our experience results from an immaterial, abstract, geometric architecture which is composed of harmonic waves of energy, nodes of relationality, melodic forms springing forth from the eternal realm of geometric proportion." …………Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry
In today’s article I wanted to deal with a subject which is very subtle and which we experience many times in our lives and yet we ignore or pass over these moments of experiences as we do not have the requisite indwelling and knowledge regarding the source from which these emotions of exhilaration are experienced. Mostly we assign these feelings to a perception of beauty in our experience or encounter with an object. Beauty as is defined in an abstract way lies in the form that is presented to our senses. A few examples are the well-proportioned and perfectly chiseled features of a fellow human being, an unblemished Sunflower in full bloom or a nautilus shell radiating a rainbow spectrum through an incident ray of light or the perfect spiral of a Galaxy. All these perceptions have a common form which is a Fibonacci spiral. Nature is full of these fundamental geometric form and the observation of these resonates with our own inner craving for perfection.
Man has spent many centuries in the pursuit of answer to relationships that exist both in the tangible manifest world of structures and the intangible forces that govern these relationships.
Pythagoras and Plato firmly believed that Forms can have neither attributes as either material objects or any other qualities of material objects, nor mere concepts in our brains. They have an independent nature of existence, apart from the physical universe, and they are eternal and immutable. Physical objects are what they are by virtue of their participation in these specific Forms.
This participation happens through the indispensable nature of the observing consciousness which resonates at a specific energy to transpose the immutable form on to the object being perceived.  Our normal perception through a conditioned sensory consciousness is that the fundamental form is an emergent property of the material object while in reality the objective reality that we sense is an emergent phenomenon of the fundamental form under a specific context or milieu.
This is the reason that complex, fractal patterns are reducible to fundamental forms through non-Euclidean geometry. A classic example is the Einstein’s General theory of relativity, where space-time curvature leads to gravity. To understand this complex structure of space=time a differential topology known as  pseudo-Riemannian manifolds (note the word manifold which is a complex form), which (in four dimensions) is employed. (please ignore this paragraph if the reader is not mathematically inclined)
In the current stage of advancement of science, both the macrocosm and the microcosm at the manifest and unmanifest level can be reducible to fundamental sub-quantum units of information and these units are geometric in nature, such as lattices of energy, looping, twisting, folding and unfolding.
The very basic structure of life on this planet, the DNA, is double helix, a geometric pattern. The level of coiling known as ‘negative coiling’ and ‘super coiling’ leads to different expression of the DNA function.
It is very important to realize that as participating consciousness in bringing about objective reality, we are inherently inter-twinned with geometric patterns immanent both in the subject and object. Any philosophy, in its literal analysis, woefully falls short of defining a method of this process and this what Idries Shah, the Sufi mystic so eloquently says; “………..there are few people nowadays who can even grasp the assertion that there is an ultimate truth against which everything can be measured, and which is accessible to man".
These few people are those of us who pause and probe the reason behind an epiphenomenon that takes us unprepared when we encounter the emergence of  beauty from the inherent forms of nature.
Let me close this article with a quote:
"At this stage modern man must face a series of paradoxes of his own making. This 'objective' mathematics, for all its success in mechanics, makes use of abstractions that correspond to nothing in experience. The square root of minus one, the zero, infinity are abstractions corresponding to nothing in that physical realm we call 'reality'. And without these abstractions the formulae do not work. In other words, to describe the phenomenal world 'scientifically', science must have recourse to abstraction. . ." ……………………….John Anthony West, “Serpent In the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt”
Do not be alarmed by abstraction they are very nature of hidden forms that finds expression through our intuitive probing.
Love to you all.