Saturday, August 6, 2016

Intuition – The Divine Voice

“Sensations pouring through the sensory nerves keep the mind filled with myriad noisy thoughts, so that the whole attention is towards the senses. But Gods voice is Silence. Only when thoughts cease one can hear the voice of God communicating through the silence of intuition. That is God's means of expression. In your silence God's silence ceases. He speaks to you through intuition. For the devotee whose consciousness is inwardly united with God, an audible response from Him is unnecessary - intuitive thoughts and true visions constitute God's voice. These are not the result of stimuli of the senses, but the combination of the devotee's silence and God's voice of silence.” …………Paramahansa Yogananda
“Can Ramanujan’s mathematical magic be reduced, as world academia has claimed, to a ‘deep intuition’? What is intuition anyway? Could it be that the brain is an organ of consciousness and that when it’s trained to surrender, or to open in scientific “prayer”, it’s able to reflect intelligence from sources way beyond itself? Where do scientists go when they look for a flash of inspiration? To the past? To the known? Or to the great unknown, over the edges of the borders of their own conceptual frameworks?” …………..Science & Nonduality
If we for a moment think deeply as to where from we originated and try to peer far into the abyss of the evolutionary pathways, we realize that this journey of this self-awareness has emerged from the very beginning of the universe. The strong argument put forward between the creationist group and the scientific group is the mode of manifestation. While the creationist group believes that universe and life originated "from specific acts of divine creation.", the scientific thinking is that all creation is a natural emergence through a set of natural laws resulting in self-replication to higher order of complexity.
I strongly support the second view but with a different understanding. This understanding is that the emergent phenomenon is not driven by some random natural laws that evolve without direction and in an accidental manner, through natural selection, but in a well-orchestrated sequence which is also built into the simple laws of  replication as an integral subset which emerges at specific dimensions of complexity.
The fundamental component of the entire universe has to be an entity whose presence can be verified through repeated observation. This is the fundamental requirement of a scientific process. The twentieth century physics has identified that reality of any objective reality requires an observing consciousness. Through experiments we have also affirmed that the behavior of fundamental particles, such as photons, violates laws defined within the spacetime paradigm.
It is the incremental aggregation of a set or matrix of consciousness which leads to observational complexity. If we proceed from this understanding then we can see that the evolution of the human mind is at the apex of the four dimensional spacetime boundary. But the four forces of nature, which are the intermediate causes of objective manifestation of observed creation, cannot be comprehended through a consciousness which is limited by this four dimensional spacetime. This is the reason that the emergence of the four forces of nature from a single fundamental manifold requires more than four dimensions, namely eleven as per Super string theory.
Let us not get too technical. What I am trying to arrive at is that man in his ever  persistent enquiry finds a road block when his objective sensory consciousness is employed. This is the reason why intuitive perception emerges from either dream consciousness or from archetypes in the universal unconsciousness.
A very clear example of this limitation is the news reported from CERN a few days back.
"Hopes for the imminent discovery of a particle that might fundamentally change our understanding of the Universe have been put on hold. Results from the Large Hadron Collider show that a "bump" in the machine's data, previously rumoured to represent a new particle, has gone away. The discovery of new particles, which could trigger a paradigm shift in physics, may still be years away."
My response in the “Quantum Physics” page in Facebook is:
“I have a gut feeling that this disappearance of data is the prompting of higher dimensional reality beyond the Higgs. As the energy level is boosted up in the collider, what if four dimensional spacetime itself acts as an opaque filter. I think it is time to think from this perspective.”
What we are approaching in empirical observations in science is the inevitability of hitting a boundary beyond which our limited consciousness would not be able to penetrate.
Beyond this lies the Divine voice to which we have access through our intuition as we are not purely a four dimensional entity but a Divine entity transcending these limitations.

Love to you all.

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