Sunday, May 15, 2016

No Longer a Miracle

"In fact, come on, it’s a miracle that we’re sitting here talking! I mean, people take it for granted. Everything that exists is a bloody miracle! How the hell is that flower doing that? “Oh, yes. I know. The genes and so on.” Yes, we can explain a lot about the world, but the world itself is a mystery. And when something is really discovered, it doesn’t cover this over. It’s a revelation, but then it’s forgotten that it was a revelation of something deeper. The miracle I’m used to is no longer a miracle." .............Jacob Needleman
"Every step forward, even the smallest, along the path of consciousness, adds to the world, to the visible and tangible God. There is no consciousness without the distinguishing of opposites. That is the father principle of the Logos, engaged in an unending fight to free itself from the primeval warmth and darkness of the maternal womb which is unconsciousness." ...............Carl Jung
What is a miracle? The word ‘miracle’ is so ingrained in the human psyche that we find ready recourse and comfort when on facing any revelation which is beyond our knowing we assign an attribute called ‘miracle’.
This is the essence of what Jacob Needleman, American philosopher, author and religious scholar, says in the first quote. Any objective reality is through a process of revelation which is composed of several stages of hither to hidden knowledge. A classic example is the geocentric concept of looking at the motions of the Sun, moon and the stars. Until Copernicus came along in the fifteenth century, and after years of study wrote his now famous book “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”,  the Earth was considered to be the centre of the universe. The Heliocentric model, placing the Sun at the centre was the revelation of Copernicus, which peeled away the layers of ignorance introduced and adopted for many centuries by Ptolemy through his astronomical model of cycles and epicycles which planets followed allowing the Earth to remain stationary at the centre. Then subsequently Johannes Kepler further refined and defined the orbits of planets not only based on elliptical orbits but by laws of equal area of sweep around the Sun introducing the laws of planetary motion.
Every field of knowledge goes through this process of finer and finer layers of ignorance being peeled away to reveal a higher truth. A progressive paradigm shift drives new revelation and this was the great insight Thomas Huhn, a renowned philosopher of science, put forward in his famous book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution” in the twentieth century. The theory of “Falsification” as inherent to the progress of science was another contribution put forward by Karl Popper,  Austrian-British philosopher and professor, in the twentieth century. In his book “Conjectures and Refutations”, Popper outlines the sequence of evolution of scientific progress.
The process closely follows the evolution of human consciousness and who else should we turn to except the great mind of Carl Jung. His every utterance is loaded with deep meaning. He says “…..Every step forward, even the smallest, along the path of consciousness, adds to the world, to the visible and tangible God.”. It is our consciousness which reveals the objective reality and every little step in the totality of qualia of individual and collective consciousness contributes a renewed view of the very same reality perceived earlier. An often quoted example is our own understanding of the cosmos. From naked eye observation, to the discovery and deployment of telescopes and now with powerful satellite based telescopes with very high resolution, our knowledge has exploded to unbelievable extent. In this process, the consciousness of the not only the observing astronomer but a host of other experts from the engineers who design and manufacture the lenses of the telescopes, the rocket scientist and payload specialist and a thousand other specialist contribute to the incremental advancement of knowledge.
Jung introduces a duality in defining a ‘Tangible God’. A tangible God is an embodiment of consciousness which is at a very superior level but far below the ‘intangible God’ who is the totality of all consciousness. This definition opens up the continuum of the process of revelation.
The next part of Jung’s observation is very pertinent to the very basic definition of ‘consciousness’. The sensory consciousness or waking consciousness operates through a reference framework. This is very fundamental to the philosophy of ‘existentialism’. Any element of objective reality is derived from polar opposites. If we reflect on all our perceptions, there are always a set of affirmation and negation.
But there is a constant struggle to free ourselves from this trap as consciousness evolves to reach further heights. When we move into intuitive dimensions of our subconsciousness and tap into its vast potential, this duality can be dispensed with. Great mathematician like Ramanujam found answers to their problems in dreams. When Jung refers to “ …… primeval warmth and darkness of the maternal womb which is unconsciousness.", he is referring to the archaic consciousness, in the Gebserian classification, which had an inseparable bond with the created material world.
“Your spirit and every cell of your body has always been multi-dimensional only your conscious awareness is trained to live in the limitations and restrictions of the three-dimensional matrix.”……….. Aurora Ray
Hence miracles are the hidden realities which we are yet to fathom and it is within our ability to reach. Let us not assign an external Divine attribute to them, as the very same Divine attribute is highly subjective and within yourself.
 Love to you all

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