Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mystical Symbolism of Cosmic Consciousness

When Todd Atkins wrote in the "C.G. Jung Creative Work Discussion" group on  why Artist Daniel Govar brings us the above image from the infamous Necronomicon, my mind had a deep insight and I saw what this could be as a cosmic consciousness pattern.

The Necronomicon is a fictional grimoire (textbook of magic) appearing in the stories by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft wrote that the title, as translated from the Greek language, meant "an image of the law of the dead": nekros - νεκρός ("dead"), nomos - νόμος ("law"), eikon - εικών ("image").
But S. T. Joshi states that -ikon is nothing more than a neuter adjectival suffix and has nothing to do with eikõn (image)." Joshi translates the title as "Book considering (or classifying) the dead."

This led me to think that what survives death is consciousness and this drawing could have been the mystical revelation to the artist to come up with this image.

Now I will detail the way I see this image and what it brings to my mind.

The creature holding the four vessels with symbols represents the four dimensions of the individual consciousness and this being a limited perception is not the state of the primal man or Adam Kadmon and hence represented by a deformed creature.

Outside the ambit of this consciousness is the planetary consciousness represented by the top concentric circles with six planets orbiting the Solar deity. These seven heavenly bodies represent the fullness of consciousness and the seven levels of the Cabbalistic  tree of life from Keter to Malchut.

The Galactic level of consciousness is presented by the bottom circle with the twelve Zodiac and segmentation.

The entire field of consciousness is the field of emanation and strewed with symbols which are the monads and building blocks of manifestation.

The pyramid with the three faces represent the steering energy of Divine consciousness which has three dimensions of creation, propagation and Annihilation represented by the triune God in most religions.

As I said earlier this is my personal understanding.

Love to you all

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