Saturday, November 21, 2015

Accessing the Gate of Heaven

"A deluded person is one who is ruled by ego thoughts, desires, opposing emotions - and by the delusions they produce, instead of being guided by reality. Delusion binds you to a state of constant mental torment. But devotion to reality leads to liberation." .......... Bhagavad Gita, 16.5.

"Every new moment in life is a new opportunity for you to fight against your enemies on earth: opposing desires, thoughts and emotions. It’s the door to heaven. Grab every one of these opportunities and fight. Fight for your true home – the home of reality." ...... Bhagavad Gita, 2.32.

Friday, 13 November 2015 saw one of the bloodiest terrorist activities around the world. But I posted the following on my Facebook page, "I did not want to comment on the Paris and other attacks around the world because any reaction to this culture of hatred is only a negative energy which confirms the existence of a strongly entrenched culture installed by values other than spiritual.
Today we live in a culture where there are too many meetings, seminars, conventions and talk on issues facing the world but we fall short of deliverable from these events and exercises. There is too much discordant vibrations in these exercises. The larger the number of people participating the discord, at the intentional level, is much higher.
The need of the hour according to me is deep silence in which from the depth of our heart we send out peace. Let each one of us spend a few minutes every day sending out this positive energy vibration."

The notion of reacting to any situation, good or evil, is a form of attachment and is a derivative of the ego mind. This is what is told by Lord Krishna in the first verse taken from chapter 16 verse 5 of Bhagavad Gita. These attachments produce delusions which in turn give rise to anxiety. This is a private hell where we spend all our energies. I would like to illustrate this through following real life example.

A few years ago the Dalai Lama was concerned that many young monks in his monastery were affected by type II Diabetes and he invited Dr. Mario Martinez, a Biocognitive expert to find out the reason. After interviewing the monks and medical tests, he discovered that their blood cortisol level was very high and this is directly related to stress level. He found out that there is a high level of subconscious suppression of anger against the Chinese and their activities in Tibet.

This is the delusion of being attached to what we objectively perceive as dictated by the ego mind.
When Arjuna refuses to fight his enemies, it is his ego mind that assigns attributes to his personal relationship with the very perpetrators of evil design. The fight is not for the worldly kingdom but for upholding dharma or righteousness.

This is amplified in the next quote from Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 32.   Every moment of human life is a fight against our limited perception conditioned and engineered by the ego mind and hence it is a constant struggle to move away from the false reality namely; opposing desires, thoughts and emotions. Our true home of reality is not this world as it is only a transit point in our eternal journey.

In another scripture in the Christian tradition known as "Acts of Thomas", there is a beautiful story told in a song called the "The Hymn of the Pearl" in which a prince was sent by his father to fetch a pearl guarded by a serpent at the very depth of the sea. But the prince loses his aim of the journey by the intoxicating influence of the opulence of the Egyptians who knowing why he has come and try to distract him.

The prince's lamentation on realization that he has been distracted is as follows:

"I forgot that I was a King’s son,
And became a slave to their king.

I forgot all concerning the Pearl
For which my Parents had sent me;

And from the weight of their victuals (opulence)
I sank down into a deep sleep."

This is exactly the malady of the human consciousness which has been seduced into a slumber due to the temptations of the world.
Upon realization the prince wakes up wears his princely robe and fetches the pearl and returns to his father's kingdom.
This realization is the opening of the gate to heaven.

The Hymn of Pearl ends in these verses:

"I clothed me therewith, and ascended
To the Gate of Greeting and Homage.

I bowed my head and did homage
To the Glory of Him who had sent it,

Whose commands I [now] had accomplished,
And who had, too, done what He’d promised.

[And there] at the Gate of His House-sons
I mingled myself with His Princes;

For He had received me with gladness,
And I was with Him in His Kingdom"

Love to you all