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Rescued from the Reed Basket

"Upon Moses’ birth, it is said that he was placed in a reed basket and set adrift in a river in order to avoid infanticide. He was later rescued by a daughter of royalty and raised by her as a Prince. This baby in a basket story was lifted directly from the myth of Sargon of Akkad of around 2250 BCE. Sargon was born, placed in a reed basket in order to avoid infanticide, and set adrift in a river. He was in turn rescued and raised by Akki, a royal mid-wife." ..........Zeitgeist

The Moses nativity story can be found at Exodus 2:1-10. Concerning Moses and Sargon, British Assyriologist, Dr. George Smith says:
"In the palace of Sennacherib at Kouyunjik I found another fragment of the curious history of Sargon... This text relates, that Sargon, an early Babylonian monarch, was born of royal parents, but concealed by his mother, who placed him on the Euphrates in an ark of rushes, coated with bitumen, like that in which the mother of Moses hid her child, see Exodus II. Sargon was discovered by a man named Akki, a water-carrier, who adopted him as his son, and he afterwards became king of Babylonia.... The date of Sargon, who may be termed the Babylonian Moses, was in the sixteenth century B.C. or perhaps earlier."

Regarding this theme, Murdock says:
"Like Moses, [the Indian virgin-born hero Karna] was placed by his mother in a reed boat and set adrift in a river to be discovered by another woman. The Akkadian Sargon also was placed in a reed basket and set adrift to save his life. In fact, ―The name Moses is Egyptian and comes from mo, the Egyptian word for water, and uses, meaning saved from water..."

Concerning the Moses myth, Barbara Walker likewise elaborates:
"The Moses tale was originally that of an Egyptian hero, Ra-Harakhti, the reborn sun god of Canopus, whose life story was copied by biblical scholars. The same story was told of the sun hero fathered by Apollo on the virgin Creusa; of Sargon, king of Akkad in 2242 BC; and of the mythological twin founders of Rome, among many other baby heroes set adrift in rush baskets. It was a common theme…"
In today’s article, I have quoted some of the writings of contemporary scholars who have researched in mythology and sacred writings.

The common theme is that the chosen one is always placed in a reed basket and extricated from waters of the river. Whether it be the Hebrew or Akkadian or Vedic mythology, this common theme has to have a significant spiritual meaning which would aid the elevation of individual consciousness. Extricating this meaning is the primary aim of this article.
The placing of a new born in a reed basket signifies creation of a unique environment within the river (flow of Divine consciousness) of life or creation which ultimately mingles with the ocean of universal Divine consciousness. The child that survives through this unique positioning is then extricated from the flow of worldly consciousness and placed in the hands of a spiritual mentor to be trained for a higher role in life.

The Moses story also amplifies the role of the two mothers of Moses. His biological mother who continues to tend to the bodily nourishment and the surrogate mother, the royal midwife or the royalty itself (the sister of the Pharaoh), who is responsible for the spiritual and wisdom nourishment fit to become the chosen ruler.
We also find that the Sun God plays an important role in the genesis of these mythological heroes. A son of the Sun God means one who is bestowed with solar consciousness or one who is intended to be the nourisher of planetary consciousness in the process of evolution of consciousness in creation, the forward flow towards the omega point or the Godhead.

This can be better understood by referring to the hierarchy of consciousness. In the organized structure of the cosmos, we can extrapolate that the four dimensional space-time consciousness evolves at the planetary level through the collaborative conceptualization of individual consciousness. We need a focal axis or a reference potential based on which this planetary consciousness comes into being and this is the solar consciousness as space-time itself is a derivative of the governing principle of planetary existence. In a similar manner the higher dimensions of solar evolution can be understood only in the context of the Galactic manifold.

As I have repeatedly stressed, the deeper meanings underlying myths are intended to elevate our consciousness to a higher level in our spiritual evolution.
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