Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cause for Sin

It was Arjuna who asked Sri Krishna: “But what impels man to commit sin, O Krishna, in spite of himself and driven as it were, by force?”
The blessed Lord said:  “It is desire, it is wrath, which, springs from passion. Know that it is our enemy here, a monster of greed and sin. As a flame is enveloped by smoke, as a mirror by dust, and as an unborn babe by the womb, so is this enveloped by that.” …………….Gita: Ch. 3: 37 – 38

This saying from Bhagavad Gita is paramount to understanding the woes of humanity today. If we undertake a deep study of biodiversity and our own body, we can see the unmitigated cooperation between species and organs. right from the bacteria over nearly three billion years. Altruistic behaviour is the common denominator in the evolutionary history of all living organisms. It is only when Homo sapiens became the self-aware species, that a disconnect happened and the true knowledge and purpose of being endowed with higher level of consciousness was lost. Psychological testing of children as young as one year old has demonstrated that we are wired for both survival as well as altruistic behaviour.

The prominent factors that influence the selfishness, passion and greed in human beings are;

First, the current misunderstanding of the purpose of human life. Human life must be understood as a catalytic element, which has been assigned a key role through a higher level of consciousness that has been bestowed, in the evolution of planetary consciousness towards a grand unification in Cosmic plenum.

Second, religious teachings instead of being targeted at attaining a higher state of existence, have become means of controlling its followers and become monolithic structures with self-propagation and expansion as their agenda. This has generated a culture of intolerance and hatred. They have failed to transcribe the teachings of their master teachers by only targeting the literal meaning of scriptures to evolve a universal code of conduct and a set of laws with rewards and punishments, rather than their esoteric and spiritual content aimed at elevating individual souls and

Third, the evolving culture of having instead of being, which is the result of a capitalistic greed and resultant distorted value definition by which humanity lives today.

All these three are interrelated and have evolved over a period of time starting with the time when human race started settling down as agrarian society and humanity’s rational thinking started predominating our daily lives. I am not decrying the tremendous development that we have achieved through rational thinking in terms of betterment of human life and the vast amount of knowledge that has been gleaned from an objective perspective.

The outcome of all these developments has resulted in an ever widening subject - object duality. Religion should have played the mitigating role of providing the intuitive spiritual insight into this false notion by uniting all objective reality as manifestations in an all pervading essence of Divine consciousness. But instead all religions, though when founded by their respective founding masters stressed by them the true nature of all existence as explicit entities of the fundamental Divine implicit order and gave a set of associated morals and ethics in their respective cultures to live by, started to drift away and committed the unpardonable mistake of isolating and objectifying the very founding personalities or principles as external Divinities.

In the great epic, Mahabharata, we can see the symbolic evocation of how Arjuna asked for Krishna as opposed to Duriyodana, who asked for the armies. This reflects how Arjuna identifies himself with the Godhead while Duriyodana identifies himself with the power of external entities. While the desire for conquest annihilates Duriyodana, the non-desire for war and detachment leads Arjuna to Divine wisdom.
Though the verse quoted at the beginning of the article is easy to understand, a constant endeavour to obtain spiritual wisdom through right knowledge and its application can enable us to lead a sinless life.

Love to you all 


  1. What is done here now is the result of the desire earlier is well brought out in your explanation.

    Since Time is relative, we haven't felt before and after our physical existence clinking on to this present perception of time.

  2. Dear Ram,

    May I expand on your comment and say how I have understood what you want to communicate.

    "What is done here now is the result of the desire earlier is well brought out in your explanation.
    Since Time is relative, we haven't felt before and after our physical existence clinking on to this present perception of time."

    If you are saying that "cause of our current desire lies in the past" then capacity for free will has no role and we have a recourse to fatalistic philosophy. Therefore human beings are endowed with the capacity to alter the karmic causative imprints from which results a reconfiguration of their individual consciousness field. This reconfiguration capacity comes from a level which is beyond time and hence has a higher dimensional attribute and this we call "Divine Grace".
    In Bhagavad Gita chapter 12 verse 6-7 it says: "But those who worship Me, giving up all their activities unto Me and being devoted to Me without deviation, engaged in devotional service and always meditating upon Me, having fixed their minds upon Me, O son of Pṛthā — for them I am the swift deliverer from the ocean of birth and death."
    Though time is a temporal dimension it looses meaning only when one's consciousness reachers the higher dimensional reality.

    Thank you for your inputs which made me to take a deeper look at this ocean of spiritual waelth.

  3. Yes Sir. Free Will does exist and it shapes our future course of action and its effects.
    When Free Will is in tune with Nature the Merging is faster.

    While the collective Free Will go haywire the Great Soul come back to guide us.

  4. Thank you for your comment.
    I do not comprehend what you mean by collective free will. Is it the aggregated action s due ti free will in an individual's life because a free will only applies to individual consciousness.

  5. Sir, by collective free will i mean, many individuals free will.
    For eg: As quoted in ch 3,what impels man to commit sin. The Answer from Sri Krishna is that
    It is desire, it is wrath, which, springs from passion. Know that it is our enemy here, a monster of greed and sin.....and because of Desire the individual tends to do a sin.

    The environment is also made up of such individuals thought. So i meant if many think good and wish it will make a Golden Age.

    I meant that while referring to collective Free will.
    Free will does exists and that only gives us the pain and pleasure. And the present pain is due to a past desire and a present Free will can correct to the right direction towards Merging by Learning Love & Peace than a path of hated.