Sunday, February 8, 2015

Myth as Psychic Redemption

" The limitless vision exemplified by Shiva, seated on snowy Mount Kailas, is the apotheosis of the mythic imagination. It represents that terrace of enlightenment where man is not only a shining mirror to the creative ideation of the Cosmic Mind but also a prime agent in its perpetual activity. He joins the Demiurgic Hierophants who turn the wheel of evolutionary law. His meditation is a benevolent current of noetic energy, an active conduit between divine and human worlds. He is a master of Kriyashakti, effortlessly creating forms from his sovereign imagination. Such beings are the source and subject of all great myths, although they themselves have risen above the realm of forms. These are the elect of the human race and the unacknowledged authors of the pioneering arts, sciences and mythologies of mankind. Fragments of their wisdom are strewn in the fables of all cultures, differing only in the symbols and veils through which they disseminate eternal verities." .............."Myth and Redemption" by Raghavan Iyer

In a recent conversation with a spiritual friend of mine on Facebook, the topic tended towards who is really making a universal observation.
The dialogue was in response to the Picture posted by me which I reproduce as an attachment to this post. My friend wrote "Being together, The whole humanity is towards this Higher Learning."
My response to this was "The whole humanity reflected through you is in this mode of higher learning. This is like the Bell Curve of statistical distribution. You at the centre of awareness and at its highest level is pulling up all other objective manifestations into a subjective singular conscious awareness."

This leads to the fundamental question as who is the author of creation and what is this creative energy or Kriyashakti.

Let me first answer these two questions independently. The passage above clearly states that
".......... man is not only a shining mirror to the creative ideation of the Cosmic Mind but also a prime agent in its perpetual activity." In the absence of the individual mind there cannot be any creation. The self is the creator of the worlds but it is more in the reflective mode as the Sun light falling on tree creates all the different colours of the trunk, the leaves, flowers etc,. thus creating the concept of a tree with a specific name and form so does man reflects the Cosmic mind and creates the different manifestations. In the evolutionary history of the this human consciousness there have been many contributions which have helped mankind grasp the complex nature of the Cosmic mind through a process of interplay between the rational and the intuitive mind.
While the rational mind operates in the waking consciousness, the intuitive mind draws from the rich repository of the subconscious and the universal unconsciousness which derives its richness through archetypal representations and mythological modules of psychic energy.

This leads to the second question as to what is the creative energy? This we can now answer is the power or the energy of the mind. As Raghavan Iyer calls it "Noetic energy" and itself has no inherent potential but is a channel or conduit for the flow of the Cosmic mind into the human realm. All mystics, great artists, pioneering scientists creative poets have all been able to open this channel for maximum reception. Every human being is capable of opening this channel for maximum receptivity but we tend to attenuate and increase the impedance of this channel thus blocking the free flow and distorting the perception of the human mind in the perception of Divine creation into an illusionary lower form.

As it is natural for this aberration in the human mind can occur, we are provided deeper knowledge in the form of myths to evoke the deeper layers of our intuitive mind to come to our aid in establishing a noise free and error free communication channel between the human and the Divine.

The concept of "Myth as a process of psychic Redemption" is to establish this process of on a continual basis.

Let me conclude this short article with a quote from none other than Joseph Campbell, who probably understood the powerful role of mythology in the spiritual progress of the human being:

" "[T]he journey of the hero … I consider the pivotal myth that unites the spiritual adventure of ancient heroes with the modern search for meaning. As always, the hero must venture forth from the world of common-sense consciousness into a realm of supernatural wonder. There he encounters fabulous forces--demons and angels, dragons and helping spirits. After a fierce battle he wins a decisive victory over the powers of darkness. Then he returns from his mysterious adventure with the gift of knowledge or of fire, which he bestows on his fellow man.
"Whenever the social structure of the unconscious is dissolved, the individual has to take a heroic journey within to find new forms................"

Love to you all


  1. While reading your article i got a thought which i am sharing with you.

    Super Consciousness is flowing in All direction in minute energy particles or wave pockets.

    The speed of this is much higher to speed of light.
    After traveling a while, say 14 billion years as we perceive now, they collide and the speed is reduced in those parts. The reduced speed appear as Light.

    The collided regions further collide to further reduce the speed and manifest as masses and Galaxies.

    At the time of dissolution all these pick up the original speed and vanishes from perceived eyes.

    There at a much Higher state of existence can happen to feel All these.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.
    You may be interested in a concept that is known as "Prime radiant particle" which has infinite speed and Zero mass. Mass is acquired when the same particle is seen in superposition. More mass more superpositions within the field of observation.

    Read this article: