Thursday, February 5, 2015

Confluence of the Past and the Future

"Anyone who looks deeply into the life of the soul will see that these two streams, one from the past and one from the future, are continually meeting there. The fact that we are influenced by the past is obvious. Who could deny that our energy or idleness of yesterday has some effect on us today? But we ought not to deny the reality of the future, either, for we can observe in the soul the intrusion of future events, although they have not yet happened. After all, there is such a thing as fear of something likely to happen tomorrow, or anxiety about it. Is that not a sort of feeling or perception concerned with the future? Whenever the soul experiences fear or anxiety, it shows by the reality of its feelings that it is reckoning not only with the past but in a very lively manner with something hastening towards it from the future. ......." "Metamorphoses of the Soul - Paths of Experience Vol. 2" ...........Rudolf Steiner

This part of the lecture was given by Rudolf Seiner when addressing the "Nature of Prayer" under the broad topic of "Metamorphoses of the Soul".

According to every great Mystic, Prayer is a tool for transformation and the ground of transformation is the soul itself. It is to be clearly understood that we are not engaged in transforming the very nature of the soul as it is beyond any corruption, modification or change in its pure subjective self but what does contribute to the viritis, as Patanjali calls it, are the modifications at the perceptive layers, much like the dirt covering the surface of a infinitely homogeneous, uniformly coated and  purely polished mirror, If we are to think that we are polishing the mirror while in actual fact we are only removing the covering layers of dirt to see an authentic image, The first and foremost transformation must take place in our own thought process that we are engaged in the process of seeing our true image in the very ground of unchanging reality by eliminating our perceptive misconceptions.

We can continue to use the mirror analogy as to how the confluence of the past and the future merges in our soul in this constant process of self renewal or transformation.

Why do we clean the mirror when you want to shave in the morning? Only if we have a clear non-distorting mirror surface, you can be sure of an image that is your true reflection. In this perception, the information from the past flows into your mind as to what to expect on the surface of the mirror. Any lack or corruption in what you expect to see immediately results in the hand reaching for the mirror to further wipe it clean or touch our face to see if any anomalies are existing in our own nature. If we still observe that there is a minor swelling above the lip and you decide that you should skip shaving today, information flows in from the future of a future state of acceptable facial profile in its post healing status. Here we can see that there is no anxiety or hope attached to the act of shaving but rather information on an acceptable state of being for the process of shaving to be initiated in future.

In short, when we observe the stream flowing into us from the past, we feel that we have within us something that extends beyond ourselves. At every present moment, we are the sum integral of all our past experiences and perceptions This intimation is the first awakening of a feeling of the Divine within us; a feeling that something greater than all our will-power dwells within us. This capacity of self extension cannot be the result of a static or linear mind operating with a limited space-time domain. Imagine all the photons that have impacted your retina ever since your birth and the history of all these light particles, the storage capacity to process all this data and the computational power to integrate information and derive usable knowledge. This life process of what constitutes the thinking man would require such a huge amount of energy that it would be difficult to be contained in any planetary level physical framework, let alone at the size of the physical framework of a human being.

And thus we are led to look beyond our limited self towards a 'Divine-spiritual Self'. This is the deep contemplative stream flowing in from the past.

What, then, does the stream from the future say to us, again in terms of perceptive feeling? It speaks to us in even clearer and more emphatic language, since we are here concerned directly with emotions of fear and anxiety, hope and joy. For the relevant events have not yet occurred; only the feelings connected with them strike into the soul. And we know that this stream from the future may bring different effects and responsibilities from those we expect. If we can relate ourselves rightly to whatever experiences that are surely coming towards us from the dark womb of the future, we shall see how this continually stimulates the soul.

When we extend our awareness beyond the limited dimension of the duality of the subject and object of perception and look at the very source, not only through the rational mind but from a higher dimensional reality and the interconnectedness off all manifestations, then we realize that the basic source of all being is not contained within the four dimensional space-time but is the very ground of being in which we are rooted. This is the deep and cosmic understanding and is the vortex wherein the confluence of past, present and future occurs and where every true mystic finds Divine Union.

Love to you all

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