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Transformative Gifts of the Magians

“MAGE, or Magian; from Mag or Maha. The word is the root of the word magician. The Mahaâtma (the great Soul or Spirit) in India had its priests in the preVedic times. The Magians were priests of the firegod; we find them among the Assyrians and Babylonians, as well as among the Persian fireworshippers. The three magi, also denominated kings, that are said to have made gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus, were fireworshippers like the rest, and astrologers; for they saw his star. The high priest of the Parsis, at Surat, is called Mobed, others derived the word from Megh; Mehab signifying something grand and noble. Zoroasterʹs disciples were called Meghestom, according to Kleuker.”  ………..ISIS UNVEILED by Madame Blavatsky

Continuing from the symbolism of the Magi on which I posted recently and as we are in the season of celebrating the visit of the Magi or the three wise men at Jesus birth, we continue to probe the inner meaning and the traditions from which this event takes significance.

As Madame Blavatsky points out the link the ancient tradition of fire worship had with the visit of the Magi to infant Jesus. Fire that is talked off in this context is as we can easily comprehend, relates to the purifying agency and not to the physical entity. Fire is therefore a primal unifying force between God and humanity. This is the very reason why the Rig Veda assigns such great importance to Agni or fire.
In all Eastern spiritual traditions fire was the primal agency which provided the ritual link to the Divine Godhead. From the ancient human traditions of animal or grain sacrifice, fire played the vital role of transformation of the sacrificial object into the holy smoke which ascended to heaven to please the Gods.

The three gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus, requires fire symbolized by the purifying consciousness of the Christ child in the process of transformation from their basic nature through the agency of fire. The purification of gold to its higher purity results from melting to a liquid state and burning off of all pollutants, the fire transforms the incense and myrrh into a vapour state which helps in permeating the ambiance to cleanse the place of worship and elevate the inner awareness of all participating agency to a higher state of consciousness. This is the meaning behind the ritual of Yajna. Fire is a central element in the Yajna ceremony, with Agni, "fire", playing the role as mediator between the worshipper and the other gods. Related concepts are the 'Agnihotra' ritual, the invocation of the healing properties of fire.

In the Zoroastrian spiritual tradition, the temporal fire symbolizes the spiritual flame (mainyu athra) within us and the ethical values of Asha: order, beneficence, honesty, fairness and justice.
In as much as the spiritual fire - the mainyu athra - is to be fed the fuel of good intentions and a life led according to the principles of Asha.
In Yasna, Zoroastrianism's principal act of worship, in Gatha 31.3, Zarathushtra makes reference to the mainyu athra - the spiritual fire - as one that illuminates the path of asha. The universal laws of asha is the organizing principle through which we bring order to the spiritual and material existences. Asha is available, through individual choice, to bring order to human thoughts, words and deeds. As an ethical choice, asha principled, honest, beneficent, ordered, lawful living.

In the Hebrew tradition, "Fire is an element of theophany in the Hebrew Bible's burning bush, pillar of fire, and the flame of the Menorah. The highest form of sacrifice was the Korban Olah, performed twice-daily, which is an animal sacrifice completely consumed by fire." ...........Wikipedia

The gift of the Magi is a beautiful narrative of the symbolic unity of diverse spiritual traditions of the East, in recognizing the Divine consciousness of Christ child, the spiritual fire, through a transformative gift offering. The nature of the gifts find their true meaning in the living presence of the transforming agency of the incarnated Agni or Mainyu Athra.

The three 'Fire Worshippers' or the three Magians recognized the birth of the transformative Divine fire through astrological alignments. 

Let us also recognize the birth of Divine fire in each soul of creation.

Love to you all

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