Saturday, January 3, 2015

Life Without Love is Disaster

“Life without love is a disaster. The person who has made the most spectacular success but reaches life’s end without learning love has totally failed. Do not envy those in the limelight of publicity, those with scintillating intellects or those who have accumulated great wealth and all that it affords. If one hasn’t learnt to love in the process, his life is a disaster.”........... Paul E Billheimer, German theologian.

As a opening article in my blog for the current year, I thought it would be apt to touch upon the subject which is the crying need of the hour. We are in a world that is torn by violence, hatred and both expressed and suppressed anger. While expressed anger leads to violence, suppressed anger leads to personal health damage and psychological imbalance.
The opening quote from Paul E Billheimer sums up the priority of individuals in society who seek intellectual fulfilment and the resulting materialistic well being and the process which has its origin in the mind. The benchmark of success in life is pegged in the dimensions of intellect, wealth and power. This leaves no room for the heart intelligence to operate.

A human being is the balanced manifestation of both the Divine and the physical realm. The chakra
system of energy centres clearly divides the lower three chakras to the material world and the upper three chakras to the Cosmic arena and the heart chakra or the Anahata chakra as the meeting point of these energies. It is also the balanced node at which the toroidal coordinate of our relational field, with the external world, originates. The heart puts out 5000 times stronger Electromagnetic field as compared to the brain.

In this universe attraction is the binding quality through which atoms, elements, DNA and organisms of increasing complexity and we human beings are born. Birth originates in love and attraction of two mutually compatible entities. If this is so there has to be a meaning to the very process of life at the very source. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says:

" The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"
Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is." ..........Saying 18

The deep nature of all manifestations is explained by Jesus. A circle has no beginning or end. The brief manifestation of human life is but an element of a grand cycle where the soul is attracted to manifestation through self love. This self love is not purely subjective but a love that sees and understands that all objective realities are expression of the subjective consciousness.
When we are told that man and woman are created in the image of God, it is this meaning as the very process of creation is the self expression of the Divine. In the evolving process of life both in this world and in the future life of this consciousness, the process of attraction through love is fundamental. Love or attraction leads to generation of higher order of consciousness while repulsion leads to chaos and increase in entropy or disorder.
This is why all spiritual masters stressed on the importance of love and compassion for all creation.

One of the darkest period of human history is the events at the Auschwitz death camps during the Second world war. Ramgiri Braun (Andreas Braun) was born in post war Germany but sought spiritual path in India and he writes:

 “My heart opens to the point of breaking, further than what the mind can understand. These children are my children (all those who suffered and died in the death camps). I can do nothing but surrender as the mysterious spirit of Auschwitz operates on my heart. In the deep stillness I open, and it is painful and blissful at the same time. In the innermost chamber of the heart something new is born, a new ability to be present and to love. What remains is the sense of a larger heart, a compassion that appears to arise from beyond the centre of time and space, much larger than what I could feel as a separate being.” .............Ramgiri Braun from his essay “Resurrection: Finding hope in the heart of darkness” about his experience at Bernie Glassman’s annual “Bearing Witness Retreat” at the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

“Heart Sourcing is the direct way to all the unconditional love within you. It is the discovery of the soul’s potential to nurture itself and all others around it. each one of us is a pure vehicle in the transmission of this essential yoga of the Heart. Pure Love is a gift that can change the world!”  ....................Ram Dass

Each one us can practice this great spiritual exercise of an outpouring of unconditional love which has more power than all prayers or rituals of all religions.
An all encompassing love for all is the greatest need of the hour both for us as individuals as well as for humanity at large.
Let me conclude this short article with a quote from Mother Theresa, who was an embodiment of unconditional love.

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

Love to you all.

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