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Dragon Queen Symbolism

"The magnificent soul, Tiamat the Dragon Queen, 'She who bore them all', is profoundly associated with Mary Magdalene. Mary is in fact, utterly of her essence and her appearance on Earth is a direct manifestation of the Dragon Queen in human form, a tiny distilled drop of the Great One ~ She who loved Goddess and gave her heart to Goddess more than any other. She is a symbol of the sexual forces, of course, but in the sense that these powers of life become transformed by the baptism of the Spirit, shining through the perfect, undimmed soul, into the nature of light of the spirit itself, into the rising light which is the Dragon Queen..."
...........The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene by Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey

In the preface to "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" by Jean-Yves-Leloup, it is pointed out that the Greek word used in Luke 7 for 'sinner' is 'harmartolos' which has a number of interpretations but Luke uses the 'porin' for harlot in his Gospel in other context. It was Pope Gregory I in homily in 591 A.D condemned Mary Magdalene to be a prostitute using the reference in Luke 7. It was only in 1969did the Catholic Church repeal Gregory's labelling of Mary Magdalene as a whore.

Christ close relation and primacy of communication can be seen in the post resurrection scenario where Jesus resurrection and the nature of his body is intimated to Mary Magdalene first.
Mary Magdalene takes a leading role in the post resurrection scenario and the apocryphal Gospel of Gospel of Mary and Pistis Sophia are post resurrection documents..

The role of the Christ in purifying the consciousness of Mary Magdalene as a prerequisite to her intimate connection with Christ has been misunderstood to be at the physical level. This is again evident in the following passage:

" When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons." ...............Mark 16:9

The transformation to a Dragon Queen from the one who was possessed by the seven headed demon can be seen referred to in the description of the opposing nature of God described as the Seven headed dragon in the Revelation 12:3.

The esoteric and spiritual nature of the relationship between Christ and Mary Magdalene is clearly visible in the Dragon Queen symbolism taken from the Sumerian mythological context and adapted to the spiritual relation between Christ and Mary Magdalene in the apocryphal document of "The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene".

(Akkadian=sea) In old Mesopotamian myth, the name of the universal mother, the personification of salt water and spouse of the god of fresh water Apus.
Tiamat is the primeval dragon like monster of original chaos, which is defeated by the god Marduk, and from whose two halves he forms heaven and earth.

It is the intersection of the cosmic and Divine organizing principle, Marduk, with the reigning Chaos of Tiamat which transforms the seven headed serpentine nature into a singular Dragon Queen fit to be the spiritual spouse of the Divine Christ. The entire arena of these actions are played out in the consciousness plenum and not at the physical level.

Another event in the post ascension period, points to the special spiritual nature of Mary Magdalene. The three central figures who were at the foot of the cross at the time when Christ left His physical body were Mary the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and John the apostle but in the post ascension event of the Pentecost Mary Magdalene is absent at the Pentecost, as in the matter of Spirit she is already the spouse of the ascended Christ. Her nature transcends all others.

The most perfect androgynous alignment of the Animus and Anima takes place in Mary Magdalene in her merger with Christ, so that she can be worthy symbol and continue the facilitation of the return of nature of creation to Godhead in the process of salvation.

As we can read in the following apocryphal text:

"Again, his disciples said: Tell us clearly how they came down from the invisibilities, from the immortal to the world that dies?
The perfect Saviour said: Son of Man consented with Sophia, his consort, and revealed a great androgynous light. Its male name is designated 'Saviour, begetter of all things'. Its female name is designated 'All-begettress Sophia'. Some call her 'Pistis'......." ........ "The Sophia of Jesus Christ"  .............Nag Hammadi Library

May this deeper understanding of the symbolism and mythology combined with adaptation in Mary Magdalene's life empower us to greater wisdom.

Love to you all

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