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Aion - A Symbol of Eternity

"Aion": a lion-headed, snake-encircled Mithraic God-image of time (also called Kronos or Deus Leontocephalus) who for Jung represented death/rebirth and a psychological union of opposites like light and darkness, male and female, creation and destruction.
"Eon": a long length of time, also meant for Jung the two-thousand-year Christian eon, which coincided with its astrological sign, Pisces, in which one fish represents Christ and the other its future opposite, the Antichrist." ............................. "A Glossary of Jungian Terms" by Craig Chalquist, PhD

The nature of creation is an eternal cycle, of which we have a very infinitesimal perception. For this reason in mythology Aion was endowed with an eternal, Divine, pre-origin attribute.

"In his highly speculative reconstruction of Mithraic cosmogony, Franz Cumont positioned Aion as Unlimited Time (sometimes represented as the Saeculum, Cronus, or Saturn) as the god who emerged from primordial Chaos, and who in turn generated Heaven and Earth. This deity is represented as the Leontocephaline, the winged lion-headed male figure whose nude torso is entwined by a serpent. He typically holds a sceptre, keys, or a thunderbolt." .............Wikipedia -Aion_(deity)

There is an inscription on a statue of Aion found at Eleusis and dedicated in the time of Roman emperor Augustus which reads:
"To the might of Rome and the perpetuation by his holy nature remains ever the same, who has no beginning or end, undergoes no change and who is the begetter of the divine nature".

The mythological representation of Aion is full of symbolic meaning. The two pairs of opposing wings represent the duality of existence as well as the four seasons which is cyclic in nature. The snake entwining the body represents the ascending wisdom and the caduceus at the foot of the image indicates the ascending kundalini energy in the two nerve channels and balance obtained through an equilibrium in the circulatory and cyclic system. The serpent is also the symbol of wisdom and evil. It is the horizontal and vertical dimension of death and healing (Book of Numbers 21:4-9) The two keys one made of gold and another silver unlocks the gates of Capricorn and Cancer, through which the precession of the equinoxes move. This represents in the human spiritual realm, the opening of the lower chakras  and the upper chakras to establish a Cosmic union. The gaurdian of the boundaries.

This is a topic that has to be approached with mythological tools by untying the conceptual knots in the fabric of space-time imprinted in our minds. Time is the property of extension of space and hence evolved after the Big Bang or the origin of the universe in which we live. This raises the question; What was time before the birth of the universe as we perceive today from the reference frame of four dimensional space-time.
It is only in the human mind that time takes birth. This is the substratum in which the mind assigns a specific qualified space with an attribute of an event. As St. Augustine says:

“Clear now it is and plain, that neither things to come, nor things past, are. Nor do we properly say, there be three times, past, present, and to come; but perchance it might be properly said, there be three times: a present time of past things; a present time of present things; and a present time of future things. For indeed three such as these in our souls there be; and otherwhere do I not see them. The present time of past things is our memory; the present time of present things is our sight; the present time of future things our expectation.”. ..................(Confessions XI.xx.252)

The earth has a rotating axis precession of 25,772 years as measured today but during the time of the Greek astronomers like Hipparchus (200 B.C) and Ptolemy (200 A.D) the measurement was approximate and a measurement of 24,000 years was used. Hence the residence of an age in each zodiac was calculated to be 2000 years or one Eon.
The direct link between precession cycle and the onset of different levels of consciousness can be traced to many ancient traditions and especially attributed to the Mayans and their calendar.

As the Jungian term Eon points to a consciousness era of monotheism and spirituality dominated by a dogmatic interpretation with total lack of freedom for individual spiritual seeking, (wrongly assigned to Christ consciousness but should have been assigned as the Antichrist consciousness) there has to be transition to an age of freedom and integral consciousness towards which humanity will move.
This is the a new level of consciousness (wrongly assigned to Antichrist consciousness but should have been assigned as the Christ consciousness) which will liberate the structural. materialistic and dogmatic domination during the Eon dominated by the astrological sign of the Pisces (1 A.D - 2150 A.D) and transit towards the astrological sign of Aquarius,
The fish is a limited physical manifestation in water but Aquarius, the water bearer is the entire realm of existence.

Christ is the symbol of liberation. As He tried to give a liberated philosophy of life and spiritual path to the Hebrews dominated by pure ritualistic religion based on literal interpretation of the Laws of Moses with hardly any relevance to evolution of human consciousness through the post Egypt millennium.

Hence the real existence of time is only in the awareness within the domain of human consciousness operating within the four dimensional space-time. Beyond this reality time attains an ineffable quality and hence is assigned the status of God in mythology.

Let us whole heartedly participate in this transition of consciousness through deeper understanding of mythology and sacred wisdom passed down the ages.

Love to you all

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