Saturday, August 23, 2014

Divinity as Perfect Merger

"First we must understand what the word divine means. Divine means: in a state of perfection. This state is experienced by God through man. In other words, when man has risen to the stage of development where he can be the perfect instrument of God, when nothing of his own being stands in the way of the direct impulse that comes from within -- that spirit may be called perfect. That which is most precious, that which is the purpose of man's life is to arrive at that state of perfection when he can be the perfect instrument of God.
It is in this stage that man begins to realize the truth of the whole being and he will think: 'The one whom I have called God, whose personality I have recognized, and whose pleasure or displeasure I have sought, has been seeing His life through my eyes, has been hearing through my ears. It was His breath that came through my breathing, His impulse which I felt, and therefore I know that this body which I had thought to be my own is really the true temple of God. I did not realize that this body was the shrine of God.' Not knowing that God experiences this life through man, one is seeking for Him somewhere else, in some person aloof and apart from the world, whereas all the time He is in oneself."
.....................Hazrat Inayat Khan

In today’s world the meaning of Divine has been diluted to an external attribute of an object which is beyond human capacity to attain. Even when we state that the Divine means a state of perfection, we tend to benchmark this state with a level which defines human qualities. The repositioning of this perfect state as that which God experiences through man is a radical shift proposed to our thinking. It is the ascension of man to a state of consciousness which transcends the materialistic and four dimensional realm and which is rooted in the truer purpose of human life that we can truly understand the meaning of Divinity. This impulse to transcend comes from a state of consciousness which is embedded within the human being. There is no space-time attribute to this consciousness.

When we assign the role of Divinity to a primal cause and in a typical Christian view of human beings treated as creatures of lower absolute lower consciousness which constantly need an external agency to move towards perfection, a rather blind faith in the role of the Divine in the journey of one’s soul, the recourse to objective actions such as prayer, penance and physical isolation take precedence and the intuitive power of the self is reduced to a resultant gift rather than an instrument of leveraging one’s consciousness to the supreme level.

The exclamation of Hazrat Inayat Khan 'The one whom I have called God, whose personality I have recognized, and whose pleasure or displeasure I have sought, has been seeing His life through my eyes, has been hearing through my ears. It was His breath that came through my breathing, His impulse which I felt, and therefore I know that this body which I had thought to be my own is really the true temple of God. I did not realize that this body was the shrine of God.' Is very similar to those of St. Theresa of Avilla and Meister Eckhart.
“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” ………………….Meister Eckhart, Sermons of Meister Eckhart

This integral view is possible when one experiences the very fabric of creation beyond the senses. In his sermon on the Ecclesiasticus xxiv. 30. ……………“Whoso heareth Me shall not be confounded”, Meister Eckhart says:
“No man can hear My word nor my teaching without renouncing himself.” All that the Eternal Father teaches and reveals is His being, His nature, and His Godhead, which He manifests to us in His Son, and teaches us that we are also His Son.” The concept of the true Son-ship as revealed by Christ means what has been very wonderfully put out in his sermon. Every human is a son or daughter of God or the Divinity is the core value of each creation and unless we realize this status we tend to externalize Divinity. If we realize that the voice of Divinity is an integral calling from our own inner supreme self, the duality of the created and creator disappears and there is an inner consciousness where we become the true Sons and Daughters of the Father. When Jesus said “I and the Father are one” ………John 10:30, it is exactly this state which Christ was trying to communicate.

May this deeper understanding elevate our consciousness towards the true purpose of life.

Love to you all

Saturday, August 16, 2014

To Everyone His Own Path

"God has not bound man's salvation to any special mode.
Whatever has one mode has not another, but God has endowed all good ways with effectiveness and denied this to no good way. For one good does not conflict with another good. And so people should observe that they do wrong if they see or hear of a good man, and because he does not follow their way they consider it is all wasted. If they don't like people's ways they disregard their good way and good intent, which is not right. We should have more regard to other people's way, when they have true devotion, and not scorn anybody's way.
Let every man keep to his own good way and include all ways in it, and take up in his way all goodness and all ways. To change one's way makes for instability of mind as well as of way. Whatever you can get from one way you can also obtain from another if it is good and praiseworthy and mindful only of God: but not all men can follow one path." ............................Meister Eckhart, The Complete Mystical Works

A proclamation so potent and so radical that it begs a deeper look and contextual understanding given that the mysticism of Eckhart is in a time period of absolute intolerance to any dogmatic doctrinal deviation even by the slightest margin. The deep spirituality of Meister Eckhart is evident from his own inner experience from which there is an out pouring of this wisdom. He has undertaken a personal journey of inner discovery in which he comprehends human nature in all its raw vulnerabilities. The intricate structure of the human body, mind and soul matrix as a composite multidimensional structure which has infinite possibilities of comprehension and perception reflecting the very vastness and infinitude of the Universe.

The universal nature of goodness that is present in human nature, in its creation in the image of God, has to be grasped transcending the narrow domains of judgemental and self oriented reference plane. One's own grasping of truth is a personal  resource which is derived from one's own nature and nurture and cannot be applied as an universal standard. The fallacy of judgement results from a purely mental or intellectual mode of operation. The deep seated intelligence of the heart through which many mystics and sages where able to appreciate the infinitude of paths available to humanity to transcend the sensory world is needed in our journey of Self discovery.

As an old Sufi proverb says "There are as many paths to God as there are souls on earth."
The words of Jesus also reflects this underlying message. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." ................Matthew 5:8

The lone journey is always difficult for many as we are likely to be plagued by doubts arising from the mind and our rationalizing consciousness with the constant assault of imposed conformity to socio-political and religious norms needed for the worldly life. It is when one withdraws into his own inner self and uses the heart intelligence that we can shut out the clamour of distracting signals of the mind and plunge to the very depth of the fathomless well of spiritual wisdom and drink deeply the knowledge of universality through which the entire creation is woven with Divine nature.

This is the reason why Dr. Michio Kaku, the contemporary Cosmologist and a great teacher says: "With all the pious, party line mantras infiltrating public discourse, it's become harder to be a truly "critical" thinker by which is meant "a disinterested endeavour to learn and propagate the best that is known and thought in the world." Yes, defining "the best that is known and thought" is a fraught venture, but it's better to aim high than to submit to indoctrination."

There is a concerted effort in many temples of learning and institutions  to move towards an integral approach so that nothing given is accepted without a critical and intuitive analysis not only at the mental level but also at a deeper consciousness level.

As nothing is sacrosanct in the field of science and every theory and hypothesis is subjected to challenge and refutation, science made quantum jumps is advancing our knowledge of the cosmos. Through this process we have been able probe deeper material reality both at the macro and the micro scale. This very process can also be applied in matters dealing with Self realization. A slow process of conjectures and refutations. This process is open ended and there are no definitive diktats or dogmas.

Let me close with the wise words of the Buddha:
"O monks, do not accept my words out of reverence for me; but examine them on the touchstone of your reason in the same way as the goldsmith tests the purity of gold by putting it on fire"

Love to you all.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Immortal Self Propelling Wheel

"You must have guidance from within, and for that you need the attitude of the child in order to be humble and obedient, and not conceited, not having better ideas, so that you can obey the impulses that come from within.
You are then like the wheel that moves out of itself. And that wheel is the sun symbolism, it is a mandala.
The wheel has not only been since time immemorial a symbol of the sun, the sun itself has been a symbol-that wheel which moves over the sky with nobody moving it, the wheel moving by itself.
So the sun has forever been a symbol of individuation, a symbol of the man who can stand by himself and move out of himself without being pushed." ................Carl Jung,

There are two key positioning that needs to highlighted. First is the child like attitude of acceptance. A child takes in all observation without bias and in this childlike innocence there is inner wisdom. This are the four gates of the Mandala, which if they are not fully open leads to unbalance and hence modification of pure consciousness.

"Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a centre point. Each gate is in the general shape of a T, Mandalas often exhibit radial balance." [1]

The second is the concept of the wheel representing the Sun and perennial movement and is very apt in identifying the movement that issues forth from within. Every celestial movement is a complex dynamics that cannot be understood purely from limited observation. The movement of the planets in the solar system is governed by the mass of the sun according to Einstein's General theory of Relativity. But the Sun itself and its movement is ordained through the dynamics of the massive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy and all galaxies in the local group are entangled with the mutual force that act upon them.

When we breakdown the constituent of all the matter (gas, dust, planets and stars) into the most fundamental particles, the known universe of matter is only 4%. We are not able to observe or experimentally measure 96% of the energy that is driving the universe. What we can infer from this fact is that human observation is limited when the subject/object duality sets in.

Let us analyse the nature of the wheel. It is the most efficient invention through which locomotion was possible with minimum energy. This is because every point of contact with the traction surface is equidistant from the prime mover axis. This leads to transference at constant effort. If the ambiance in which the traction takes place offers least resistance such as the space time manifold perennial movement is made possible. This is the reason that Carl Jung positions the Sun wheel in a Mandala.

The important character of the Mandala is the radial balance. As explained from a technical point of view how this is achieved, it is necessary to note how the radial balance can only be possible, when the two dimensional Mandala is placed anywhere within the three dimensional space or four dimensional space-time For this to be achieved the perception of external space-time must be at equipotential energy. While the vacuum of external space is at uniform energy level any introduction of matter, in whatever form, introduces an unbalance. This unbalance has to be negated through an inner energy which results from the annihilation objective reality.

This is the self propelling symbol of individuation which is equated to the brilliance and movement of the Sun.
Imagine that you are given special powers to be the Sun and look out. For you as this special individual all objective reality is obliterated in the brilliance of the Self. It is this power that great Yogis achieve and are self propelled in this eternal journey to the undivided unity.

Love to you all.