Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monumental Transformation

"The patriarch Jacob’s name in Hebrew (YAKOV) is connected with the word for “heel” (AKEV). When Jacob was born, he was grasping Esau by the heel, unwilling to let him go! For this reason the word “to follow” in Hebrew (leAKOV) became forever connected with Jacob’s heel-holding birth!
Jacob’s birth defined his life until his encounter with the Angel of the LORD. Just like at his birth, Jacob once again grasped someone tightly, unwilling to let him go. He demanded to be blessed. The LORD blessed him and changed his name to Israel.
But what does Israel mean in Hebrew?
The word YISRAEL (Israel) is related to the verb leSROT, which in Biblical Hebrew means to struggle, to strive, even to exercise influence, in this context, with God Himself!" ....... Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

Every story in sacred scriptures have a deeper meaning than what is implied on the surface.
In Jacob's life story the importance on the life struggle both in his physical birth and in his spiritual elevation, as the founding father of the Spiritual nation of twelve tribes of Israel, is a deep rooted symbolism which has to be internalized in every human consciousness.

The very process of human existence starts with the physical birth which involves a traumatic exit from the womb of the mother and a continuation of the struggle of life in an ambiance of material, dualistic consciousness. The progressive reduction of individual consciousness from a non-ego centred realm to the ego dominated and manipulative consciousness is inevitable due to the ambiance of nurturing and social impact. It is a constant struggle to even become aware that we are dragged into this abyss in an unconscious stupor. The intoxicating power of physical comfort and ego pampering psychological addiction leaves little room for our attention to be diverted to realizing our true destiny.

If we recall the event of Esau bartering his birth right for a bowl of lentil stew, the biblical commentary states that the colour of the stew was red, The Midrash commentaries and Kabblastic interpretation point out that the colour red wad significant of blood or the animal nature. The birth right of a spiritual inheritance is traded for appeasing a physical desire.

It is when Jacob took his journey into the wilderness to reach Haran that the revelation to his higher nature is revealed. Though he had taken the birth right from his brother, the first born, he had not realized the significance of what is his true birthright and blessing from his father.

It is only when he saw in his own dream the stairway to heaven and the seat of God and the angels ascending and descending that he realizes the seamless connectivity between the creator and the creation and the levels of ascending consciousness to the Divine. Though there is a reference to a geographical location, which is aptly renamed as Bethel or house of God, it is a personal transformation which is signified in this event. The stone on which Jacob put his head to rest while he had this dream and the Divine plenum represent the lower most level of consciousness and the seat of the Divine the highest level of consciousness to which every human should aspire. Jacob, in whom this great revelation has dawned, is the chosen one for begetting the nation of people who would constantly struggle to bridge their physical nature and their true Spiritual nature. Israel is not a set of chosen set of individuals who is bestowed with this special gift as a birth right but this allies to all humanity.

Let us go forth in this knowledge to try and achieve this monumental transformation.

Love to you all.


  1. "ego pampering psychological addiction leaves little room for our attention to be diverted to realizing our true destiny."
    So very apt.. how does one not get trapped ? Is our nature also designed by destiny ?

  2. Vision is a truth that lies behind our memory which wants to be affront and find meaning. will this happen to all?

  3. The long journey of Jacob symbolizes the search towards higher consciousness from a lower consciousness.But it doesn't seem possible for the majority to set afoot in this journey. It looks completely irrelevant to their lives as we seem to exsist in a totally alien world of material priorities.