Friday, December 20, 2013

Supplication to the Cosmic Dancer

"உருவெளியே  உரு வெளிக்குள்  உற்ற வெளி  உருவே
உரு நடுவும்  வெளிநடுவும்  ஒன்றான  ஒன்றே
பெருவெளியே  பெருவெளியில் பரஞ்சோதி  மயமே
பெருஞ்சோதி  மய‌நடுவே  பிறங்குதனிப் பொருளே
மருஒழியா  மலர் அகத்தே வயங்கு ஒளி மணியே
மந்திரமே தந்திரமே மதிப்பரிய மருந்தே
திருஒழியா தோங்குமணி  மன்றில் நடத்தரசே
சிறுமொழிஎன் றிகழாதே சேர்த்து மகிழ்ந்தருளே."

"You are the embodiment of all forms and in that essence you are manifest form,
You are the unique singularity of that which is both within and without all forms
You are the immensity of the cosmos and you are its brilliant luminosity
Within that luminosity and immensity you are the element of all creation
In the flawless flowering blossom you are the quintessential fragrance
You are the supplication, you are the enchanter and you are the invaluable sustainer
You are the monarch and the perennial  pinnacle of your cosmic dance
Pray don’t ignore my insignificant words but enrich it through your finer delights!"
................................Thiru Arutpa - TirumuRai -VI part II verse 4109

This is a beautiful Tamil verse which captures the cosmic dimension of Divinity. The authorship of this composition called Thiru Arutpa is credited to Saint Arutprakasa Vallalar Chidambaram Ramalingam who lived in the in the 19th century in Vadalur in Tamilnadu, India. He is the great devotee of Lord Siva in the formless cosmic manifestation and all his outpouring in verse is addressed towards his deeper understanding of the Cosmic unity between the manifest and the unmanifest.
This verse gives you a taste of his deep understanding and the process of merging the grasping of the non-dual mind and the ultimate cosmic reality.

What we learn today, through advancement in science, is that the ultimate fundamental reality is a field of "quantum foam" below the Planck's scale (10−35 m - that is one divided by ten followed by thirty five zeros - 1/ 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). This domain encodes through information, which again consists of energy and geometry, all forms which result in manifestation of fundamental particles and the derived higher complexities such as atoms, molecules, organisms and species.

The true nature of Lord Shiva, the second deity in the trinity of "Saguna Brahma", is one of a transformative agent. This is the very basic nature of the universe itself. The billions of Galaxies each of which consists of billions of stars and inter stellar and inter Galactic gas and dust is in constant transformation through gravitational aggregation and Dark matter and Dark energy repulsion. The immense energies in star systems and their associated forces lead to supernova explosions and Black hole generation. The universe is a seething cauldron of transformation. This immense process is deified through the personification of Lord Shiva and his Cosmic Dance.

The beauty of this verse is the capture of the undivided unity of the individual devotee who while standing in awe at the cosmic scale and brilliance of a process which lies beyond the senses and the mind is able to comprehend through an intuitive devotional ardour the grand unity and singularity of the Creator and the creation.
Those of us who can read the poetical Tamil verse can feel the intimacy of the author of the verse to the cosmic reality. The translation does dilute the emotional content of the original verse but can give you a feel for the depth of spirituality that Vallalar experienced.

Love to you all 

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