Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gupta Vidya - The Attractive Sea

"IT is written in an old book upon the Occult Sciences: "Gupta Vidya (Secret Science) is an attractive sea, but stormy and full of rocks. The navigator who risks himself thereon, if he be not wise and full of experience, will be swallowed up, wrecked upon one of the thousand submerged reefs. Great billows, in colour like sapphires, rubies and emeralds, billows full of beauty and mystery will overtake him, ready to bear the voyager away towards other and numberless lights that burn in every direction. But these are will-o-the-wisps, lighted by the sons of Kâliya for the destruction of those who thirst for life. Happy are they who remain blind to these false deceivers; more happy still those who never turn their eyes from the only true Beacon-light whose eternal flame burns in solitude in the depths of the water of the Sacred Science. Numberless are the pilgrims that desire to enter those waters; very few are the strong swimmers who reach the Light." ...........H. P. Blavatsky- 'The Mediator'

Mythological archetypes have been employed in ancient and evolving modern writings with the intention of evoking the deep seated states in the universal unconsciousness so that an individual can relate to this state in his or her psyche to achieve a better balance in one's libido. The writing of Blavatsky brings out through this specific text the deep truth of one's consciousness journey in this vessel which is our incarnated body.

In the ancient myths of Greek civilization the epic journey of Ulysses written by Homer in 'Iliad', the same theme is brought out through the many stoppages of Ulysses in various island fraught with danger to himself, his ship and his crew. In the Journey to the island of the Cyclops. the lure of gluttony provided by the one-eyed giant, Polyphemus, hampers his achieving his ultimate goal. Similarly the Island of the Sirens, the beauty of the Sirens and their captivating songs and music lure the sailors and Ulysses but he overcomes this temptation by filling the ears of his men with bee wax and tying himself to the ships mast. These acts indicate the blocking of sensory perceptions that distracts us from our true goal. The various adventures of Ulysses are aimed at bringing in the deeper meaning of how our true purpose in our life journey is marred by unwanted lure of pleasures of the senses. Similarly in his choice to take a route that has less danger symbolized by Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus chooses to sail for Scylla, a six-headed sea serpent, rather than Charybdis, a giant whirlpool. He did this because he knew that if he went to Charybdis, the whole ship would be destroyed. The whirlpool represents a path of no return and total destruction taking one to the very lowest level of our consciousness. 
However, if he went towards Scylla, six men would die. This represents the sacrifices we have to make at the physical level to elevate our consciousness to a higher level.

Some of the common archetypes that are brought out in myths are the 'Hero' and his vehicle of transportation. These represent the consciousness of the individual and its embodiment, namely our physical body. The accompanying retinue of sailors or army or friends of the Hero are the agents of physicality in terms of attributes such as valour, intellectual capacity or our own perceptual images which modify or corrupt our consciousness. The 'Shadow' who entices the hero and his companions and leads them away from the true objective of their journey.

The episode in Madame Blavatsky's writings brings out this same intention of reminding us of our true purpose of travel in this sea of Gupta Vidya, namely, to reach the Beacon-Light that burns brightly in this sea of consciousness. The Vedic, Hebrew and Christian mysticism, the sea stands for cosmic consciousness and our voyage is always undertaken in this sea in which all creations are connected to the Divine oneness. Seeking this oneness, the true Beacon-Light, is the true purpose of our life.

Love to you all.


  1. "Raising our consciousness towards the supreme" is easily said than done. The impediments or rather the temptations mask themselves in attractive packages luring us effortlessly!
    Lot of grit,determination and an ideal attitude are essential to embrace the 'GREAT GOAL'!!

  2. Thank you for your feedback. Yes! the practice is a daily struggle like Ulysses. In every island we face a new threat.