Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eradicating of Consciousness Corruption

"yogaś citta-vrtti-nirodah" ..... Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1. 2

"Yoga occurs when the machinations, vacillations, perturbations, whirlings, spinning, and agitations (vrtti) of the mind-field (citta) dissolve, cease, and become still (nirodha)"

"Our intelligence entangled in the senses
Finds itself in very deep waters.
But inside our consciousness is a deeper Consciousness,
which the Supreme Grace stimulates." .......Thirumanthiram, verse: 119

The reason why I chose the verse 119 of Thirumullar's Thirumanthiram is that the Sanskrit text of Patanjali and the Tamil text of Thirumullar reflect the same basic reason why we are to embark on a path of removing all sensory modifications to the mind in order to purify the consciousness which in its pure nature is the manifestation of the Divine, The Samadhi Pada of Yoga Sutras, in its very introduction, primarily addresses this as the aim of Ashtanga Yoga.

The corruption of consciousness can take many shapes and forms. Dynamically, the modification's wavelike operations, because mental thought process is an incessant flow, form patterns and vortices of manifold modifications, fluctuations, movements, oscillations, agitations, disturbances, perturbations, spins, disruption, revolving, swirling, or mental turmoil which are at the root of our anxieties, bio-psychic and spiritual tensions, conflicts, stress, afflictions (kleshas), distortions of reality, and confusion.

If we have noticed a smooth flowing stream hitting a rock in the river bed, then we observe that the flow in the downstream has eddies, turbulence and whirlpools. If the flow takes place inside a closed conduit, any sudden turbulence can cause irreparable damage to the system, this we call water hammering.

Vrtti can be described as a corruptible agency or fractious unsteady condition that attaches itself to the citta (pure consciousness) and thence obscures the individual's mind-field. This is the state of ordinary dualistic fragmented and afflicted consciousness (the ordinary mind called manas), where corruptible influences such as spin, bias, taint, kleshas, vasanas, samskaras, karma, and ignorance have become dominant and taken their toll in samsaric (fragmented dualistic existence) as dukha (suffering). All that is necessary is to still the vrtti.

Though the Augustinian theological concept of 'Original Sin' relates to the fall of Adam and Eve, the esoteric meaning of original sin can be traced to the predominance of the thinking mind, which differentiates in its dualistic mode of operation, the nature of polar opposites such as good and evil. Man's primal Eden nature consciousness has been subject to Vrtti due to sensory modifications and needs to be born again of the Spirit to be united with the Heavenly Father, the untainted primal consciousness.

"Water, if you don’t stir it,
will become clear;
the mind, left unaltered,
will find it own natural peace.” 
..........Sogyal Rinpoché, Tibetan Dzogchen lama of the Nyingma tradition

Though a practice is outlined in the Yoga Sutras to achieve the goal of individual consciousness purification it is a 'many life time' process for most of us. Let us make a humble beginning through an understanding of the nature of Yoga. I shall be giving, in future articles, my understanding of these evergreen techniques through current knowledge. The evolutionary nature of consciousness has to be understood and if we fail to appreciate the possibility of renewed interpretation of the basic tenets in ancient scriptures we also will tend become spiritual fossils in the dynamic vistas of Divine action.

Love to you all. 

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