Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deploying Compassion

"Look with compassion
at the heavy drinkers. Know, that you too
have your weaknesses. If you want to live in peace
and clarity, then look at the poor and the handicapped
carrying the burden of their misery,
and see how fortunate you are!" 
............ Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

We are easily critical of the so called self inflicted maladies of the fellow human. This results in spontaneous judgement such as "Oh! he is a very heavy drinker" or "Look at the poor soul dwelling in the gutter, he must have deserved this life because of some terrible deeds in his or her previous births"

As the title of the article suggests, deploying compassion is a well thought out process and involves the eight-fold noble path which was enumerated by the great Gautama. These eight paths can be broadly classified into three divisions of Wisdom, Ethical conduct and Concentration. The origin of these three divisions is in the first division itself which is the wisdom to deploy the right view and right intention.
These two aspects of right view and right intentions result fro a sequel of activities of the human mind. The first, which is the right view, involves a perception. Our sensory inputs are the raw data which provides the material for our constructions of our concepts and hence our thoughts. The concepts and thoughts are the next hierarchical level of building our intentions. Our intentions are then embedded in our consciousness field. There is a clear demarcation in the way objective data is stored in our consciousness field and the way our subjective thoughts get embedded in our consciousness field. This can be modeled the way data gets stored in the computers Random Access Memory and the way process information gets stored in the Hard Disk of the computer. Objective data has few neuron connectivity and feed back loops in the six layer neocortex as compared to subjective information from which complex thoughts results. These thoughts are not only generated through multiple feedback loops and the collaboration of higher number of neurons but their storage is in a cosmic field which is beyond spacetime.

Two important points have emerged from experiments conducted by Dr. Carroll Nash, Director of the Parapsychology department at St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia on E-Coli, the friendly bacteria in our guts. These bacteria can mutate to virulent forms to cause infection. Two control groups were tasked with one group to send positive intentions to nurture the growth of the bacteria  while the other group was tasked with send negative intention to mutate the bacteria. The groups operated from within the lab and also from a remote location. The finding are a revelation. Both groups achieved the desired results with varying success but the negative intentions send out from a remote location had repeated high success rates in mutating the bacteria. The two factors are the kind of intention and the non-local influence it can have on the subject of our intention. This proves the power we have through our intentions, not through our words or actions but intentions from a remote and far removed locations.

This takes us to the impetus that is provided by knowing how fortunate we are in our current state of well being and send out our positive intentions to everyone so that by looking with compassion the healing power permeates the entire world.

Love to you all

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