Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Illusion through Ignorance

“One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?” ……….Isa Upanishad Verse 7

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, explains this verse by equating the quality and quantity content of spark derived from a fire. While the qualitative content of the spark is same as that of the original fire from which it has evolved, the quantitative content and its true potential are very limited. The same applies to the salt in a drop of water from the ocean, as the saltiness of the drop of water is same as that of the ocean but the quantum of salt is infinitesimally small as compared to the ocean.

Modern scientific studies and cosmology gives us a better understanding and we can move beyond an analogous  linear analysis to the wisdom that is intended to be conveyed by the above verse. 

Our perception of the world has been very much conditioned by our consciousness being rooted in the evolutionary and space-time paradigm. As the perception of reality is an evolutionary process, we are never in an unqualified position to comprehend the absolute reality from our current state of consciousness. Then how is it possible to reach an understanding of this great truth.

If we analyze the process of time based modification of consciousness in the human mind, in the 13.7 billion years of the evolution of this universe, the transformation from a singularity of nothingness to this vast manifestation has sign posts or markers which help us understand the unity of all that exists. Though this discussion is a bit scientific and a lay person may find it difficult to comprehend, a pure rational and sequential approach to understand the steps in this evolutionary process will backward integrate the multiplicity of manifestation into the essence of oneness of creation.

Humans as a complex organism evolved from a single celled origin. The composition of this single celled organism and its essence, which are basically its structure and the natural laws that governed their evolution, are part of a cosmic process. This process started with the separation of the four fundamental forces of nature at the very beginning of space-time creation thus setting the ambiance for the most fundamental material particles which are known as Quarks and Leptons to evolve. The four fundamental forces and the fundamental material particles are from the very same energy which existed in the very instant of first creation. Hence all that we perceive in terms of matter and forces are of the same primal energy in quality but perceived in a limited sense, by the human intellect, in quantum and form assigned to them by our evolved consciousness. This is the limitation and illusion which is spoken off in this verse.

In Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.87.30) it says:

"O Supreme Eternal! If the embodied living entities were eternal and all-pervading like You, then they would not be under Your control. But if the living entities are accepted as minute energies of Your Lordship, then they are at once subject to Your supreme control. Therefore real liberation entails surrender by the living entities to Your control, and that surrender will make them happy. In that constitutional position only can they be controllers. Therefore, men with limited knowledge who advocate the monistic theory that God and the living entities are equal in all respects are actually guided by a faulty and polluted opinion."

The reason why the qualities of the absolute and that of the manifest have to be same is very aptly explained above. It is not only the essence of the material manifestations but also the defining parameters of its existence and manifestation and the natural laws directing its evolution are also the derivative of the primal absolute Self. All the components of the "Von Neumann Universal Constructor" * consists of the same essence.

This understanding leads to universal love and a perception that all that exists are of the Self and resides in the Self.

Love to you all 

Note: Those of you who would like to know more about "Von Neumann Universal Constructor", please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Von_Neumann_universal_constructor

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