Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cosmic Tuning through Meditation

"Teach me not to drug myself with the opiate of restlessness. Each day I will meditate more deeply than yesterday. Each tomorrow I will meditate more deeply than today.
Today, with the soft touch of intuition, I will tune my soul radio and rid my mind of static restlessness, that I may hear Thy voice of cosmic vibration, the music of atoms, and the melody of love vibrating in my super-consciousness.
I will find perpetual celestial happiness within. Peace will reign in silence, or in the midst of activities. Let me hear Thy voice, O God, in the cave of meditation.” ………Paramhansa Yogananda

Deep spiritual sentiments expressed through beautiful words. The benefit of meditation is well known in today’s world. It is highly recommended both in spiritual practice as well as in bodily healing. But there are many misconceptions about meditation. Many believe that the meditator has to completely avoid all thoughts and also that the mental process has to be totally quietened to the point of absolute silence. These are only possible by the most adept practitioners in an advanced stage of the sadhana of meditation.

Meditation has more to do with focusing our awareness to a specific bandwidth. Paramhansa Yogananda says it is like tuning a radio. A badly tuned channel has a lot of static and you can hear the crackling in the speakers but a well tuned channel faithfully reproduces the content of the channel in high fidelity. The right frequency is the most desirable factor in tuning the channel. This frequency is not determined by the receiver but by the broadcaster. Human beings are endowed with the wisdom and capacity to scan the full range of the Cosmic broadest but in our evolution we have limited ourselves to a very narrow bandwidth through our sensory conditioning. The perception of reality has been limited by the mental imagery predominated by objective desires and possession.

The process of meditation is to tune into the deep reality that underlies the cosmos. This intuitive process enables us to reside in celestial happiness which is true form of our being called Anadamaya kosha. At a practical level, one can experience this state momentarily in the elation we experience when we are one with nature and its beauty or when we encounter a sacred site. Recently I traveled to the Whitby Abbey, which was once a thriving Benedictine monastery, in the Yorkshire coast and as I sat in an alcove in the abbey ruins alone, far from the ambling tourists, and closed my eyes to take in the deep spirituality of the place, I could, in my mind, hear the subtle chanting of the Gregorian chant of the monks. It is the cosmic vibration, which had been generated ages ago in the early morning chillness, the devote intentions of the monks and the supplications chanted by the pure spiritual consciousness, lingers for eternity in the Akashic field.

Finally the last sentence of Paramhansa Yogananda in the above quote is to be understood for its full implication namely “Let me hear Thy voice, O God, in the cave of meditation.”
To every single human being there is a specific revelation of deeper reality possible. This depends on the level of progress one makes in their karmic and spiritual journey.
The reason why the master calls the place of meditation a cave is because of the perceptual isolation that is needed to achieve a state of absolute stillness. In another part of his writing he states: “I will make my inner environment perfect through meditation, that it be impervious to all adverse outside influences.”
The allegory of the cave is to emphasis the isolation and protection that is needed to remain in a state of singular focus and awareness. The past and the future impacts the mind and hence isolation from memories, anticipation and anxieties are essential when one undertakes an inner journey.

May the words of this great sage guide us in our spiritual progress.

Love to you all 

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