Sunday, July 15, 2012

Merging With Christ Consciousness

Yeshua said, “Where there are three deities, they are divine. Where there are two or one, I am with that one.” ………..Gospel of Thomas Saying 30

This one liner is very difficult to comprehend from purely literal point of view. The meaning of this saying has to be extracted from a deeper esoteric dimension.

When Yeshua makes this statement he is defining the true meaning of Christ which is the name allotted to the diving dimension of his manifestation as the Messiah. When Yeshua asks the apostles "But what about you?" he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “The Christ of God.” ………. Luke 9:20
There is the pre-existence of Christ which refers to the doctrine of the ontological or personal existence of Christ before his conception. It is the Logos which John talks of in his Gospel.
Martha told Jesus “you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world” …… John 11:27, signifying that both titles were generally accepted (yet considered distinct) among the followers of Jesus before the Raising of Lazarus

In our current understanding, Logos refers to the Divine consciousness which is ever existent and only manifests itself in two dimensions. These dimensions are the soul in the embodiment of manifestation in creation or the dimension of the underlying unmanifest implicate order.

When Yeshua talks of the three deities and they being divine, He refers to the triune dimension of God in the exposition of divinity in a process of grasping through faith. These are the attributes of Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These are the very attributes which Yeshua used when communicating His messianic role and how He relates to the Father and the Spirit. His incarnation, which needed a physical entity to embody the virgin, untainted consciousness in Christhood, is a manifestation through the Son-ship of the Father through the power of the all pervading Spirit consciousness. This is the reason for our belief in the unity of these three attributes as they are the same underlying Divine consciousness exhibiting as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
When we see the three separate elements of Divinity, we are rooted in our perception of divinity through a mode of attributes. God becomes externalized in a mode of worship. This anthropomorphic view results in a subjective act of deifying God consciousness and can result only in the subjective fragmented view of divinity. This is the Bhakti dimension.

If we see divinity as the underlying element in all manifestation, though we are operating in the mental realm through sense perception, we are operating through Christ consciousness. This is the duality which Yeshua speaks off in his saying “………… Where there are two or one, I am with that one.” For most spiritual aspirants the duality is the only mode through which we can ascend the ladder of spiritual progress. This is the Jñana dimension.

The one-dimensional comprehension of Christ consciousness can not take place from the mental or intellectual domain but needs an intuitive journey with the aid of Divine grace. This is a rare gift which we can become entitled to through our openness, single minded focus and constant vigil. This is beautifully told in the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew chapter 25 Verses 1-13.
This one dimensional route can be reached only through extreme balance and alignment with Divine or Christ consciousness.

Let us continue in this journey of deeper understanding of the pearls of spiritual wisdom which Yeshua spoke.

Love to you all.


  1. Your deep understanding on cross sections of Religion has made this article and its clarity to spell out. This is the true knowledge sharing. I am sure Father is with you in all moments. Love Ram.

  2. Thanks for your inputs and appreciation. I can feel the resonance between ourselves in the last sentence that you have penned.
    Love & Blessings!