Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Consciousness and its Recipient

"Just as if there were a roofed house or a roofed hall having windows on the north, the south, or the east. When the sun rises, and a ray has entered by way of the window, where does it land?"
"On the western wall, lord."
"And if there is no western wall, where does it land?"
"On the ground, lord."
"And if there is no ground, where does it land?"
"On the water, lord."
"And if there is no water, where does it land?"
"It does not land, lord."
"In the same way, where there is no passion for the nutriment of physical food... contact... intellectual intention... consciousness, where there is no delight, no craving, then consciousness does not land there or increase. Where consciousness does not land or increase, there is no alighting of name-&-form. Where there is no alighting of name-&-form, there is no growth of fabrications. Where there is no growth of fabrications, there is no production of renewed becoming in the future. Where there is no production of renewed becoming in the future, there is no future birth, aging, & death. That, I tell you, has no sorrow, affliction, or despair." ………..Samyutta Nikaya SN 12: 64

The deep and perceptive teaching of Lord Buddha, in Samyutta Nikaya with regard to consciousness, is simple and yet very illustrative.

In the last article I had written about the hierarchy of the mind in the created environment. The nature of the mind mirror which due to its defilement distorts the pure consciousness, which in its pure nature is a state of being, is a collecting surface. This surface is shaped by the self in delighting, craving and by intentional intellectual volition.

A parallel can be seen in Kabbalah where the Divine consciousness descends from the Keter (Crown) to the Malkuth (Kingdom of matter) through the ten Sephirots. ‘Sephirots’ means ‘vessels’.
Each Sephirot acquires a specific attribute depending on the level at which modifications take place.
The three highest levels of consciousness are above the emotional level and operate through intellect under the influence of Divine wisdom. To amplify the categorization the lower seven levels are each subdivided into seven levels each, thus constituting 49 levels. This is the reason that the elevation of the apostles consciousness to the level  of Christ consciousness is celebrated as an event 50 days after Christ resurrection which is the day of the manifestation of the pure Christ consciousness divested of the human embodiment. (Pentecost).
In the Jewish tradition, Pentecost commemorates God giving the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai fifty days after the Exodus. The Talmud derives this from a calculation based on Biblical Texts.
Exodus which is historically the freedom from Egypt, illustrates the freeing of the bondage to the slavery of the body. It requires the fifty days or transcendence to ascend to the level of Sinai which signifies the seat of Divine wisdom.

Lord Buddha uses a very direct language and in a more practical way to illustrate the reason for mental trappings and the reason they appear. Scriptural writings using mythological symbolism or allegorical chain of events are many a time distorted into a non existent factual and historical dimension.

All aggregation of energies requires a storage medium. But the introduction of the storage medium results in two important compromises; they are distortion or loss of authenticity and loss or decrease in efficiency. This is exactly what happens when we try to grasp Divine consciousness through a mental and rational path. Direct access is the only way as we are also made up of the same fundamental consciousness. Kabbalah sees the human soul as mirroring the Divine (after Genesis 1:27, "God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them"). Here the creation of ‘male and female’ does not define a sexual segregation but that each and every human being is created ‘male and female’ so that through constant intercourse a creation of the Divine in the human can be established.

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