Saturday, May 19, 2012

All Pervading Reality

“It moves and moves not; It is far and likewise near. It is inside all this and It is outside all this.” …………..…..Verse 5, Isa Upanishad

In this verse we are dealing with a juxtaposition of contradicting concepts. The three concepts of mobility, linear distance and three dimensional space are juxtaposed in defining the reality of the Self. Deeper examination will reveal that these three concepts can be unified into a single concept of space-time or the four dimensional world in which we live. All mental constructs such as concepts, thoughts, memories and hence our perceptions are the structural variance of four dimensional space-time.

The deeper reality of the Self which is addressed in various translations and commentaries as ‘It’ or ‘That’ has been best adopted by endowing a neutral and ambiguous attribute, which is the best one can do within the limitation of language.

Most commentaries have been written by various scholars and Gurus with the primary intension of communicating the meaning of the verse while being extremely sensitive to the grasping level of the audience. There is also the direct influence of the school of Vedic philosophy to which the authors of the commentaries belong.

The commentaries also address the marga through which one’s consciousness has to be evoked to a higher level. The commentaries by Adi Śakara are primarily influenced by the advaita (nondualism) philosophy and Jñana marga and hence the concept of Nirguna Brahman. The commentaries of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, are influenced by Sri Krishna consciousness and are primarily rooted in Bhakti marga through the concept of Saguna Brahman. Both routes effectively communicate the meaning and intension behind the words of the verse.

My personal reflection is rooted in understanding the nature of reality which is revealed to us today by science. The gap between the physical and the metaphysical has been narrowing down through the current level of understanding in the field of particle and Quantum physics. Those of you who are regularly reading my articles and writings would sense the direction I am taking.

The fundamental nature of all manifestations can be irreducibly scaled down to what in Physics is called ‘Vacuum Energy’. This energy is the result of constant cancellation of virtual particles at the level of the sub-Quantum manifold. This energy is calculated to be extremely high. Though there is constant action of vibrating between existence as particle-antiparticle pairs, there is absolute vacuum and absence of action at the perceptual and measurable level. (the potency of the vacuum energy is calculated only through a mathematical construct).

Quantum entanglement, about which I have written a number of times, is a phenomenon beyond space-time constrains. This has been theoretically proposed by the Bell Theorem and experimentally  verified by leading researcher such as Alan Aspect and others. For Quantum entanglement, the entangled particles have to originate from the same source and this is a clear mandate for all creation from Big Bang to be entangled to the primary source at the most fundamental level but only manifested as duality through our limited space-time consciousness.

From the above two scientific facts, the fundamental realty or the true Self is beyond space-time constraints. "

My personal understanding is that this knowledge which we are exposed to in the 21st century is the same which our Vedic Sages intuitively understood but had to write down within the limitations of language and culture.

Love to you all. 

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