Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reality behind Mental Objects

“Manifestations from store consciousness
Can be perceived directly in the modes of things-in themselves
As representations or mere images.
All are included in the eighteen elements of being.” …….. Teachings of Abhidhammattha Sangaha

In Buddhist thought, the eighteen elements of being are the resultant of the six sense organs operating in conjunction with the three possible state of being as causes, potentials or seeds. The six sense organs are the eye and visible objects, ear and sound, nose and odour, tongue and taste, body and touch and mind and mental objects. Contrary to other epistemologies, Buddhism treats mind as a sense organ. This I feel is more holistic as evolutionary and karmic imprints of consciousness operate through the mind with the physical brain being the sense processor.
All sufferings are due to clinging to these mental objects.

To foster this type of penetrative knowing and seeing and the resultant release from suffering, in the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha instructs monks to meditate on the sense bases and the dependently arising fetters as follows:

“Here, O initiate, an initiate understands the eye and material forms and the fetter that arises dependent on both (eye and forms); he understands how the arising of the non-arisen fetter comes to be; he understands how the abandoning of the arisen fetter comes to be; and he understands how the non-arising in the future of the abandoned fetter comes to be. [In a similar manner:] He understands the ear and sounds ... the organ of smell and odours ... the organ of taste and flavours ... the organ of touch and tactual objects ... the consciousness and mental objects....
“Thus he lives contemplating mental object in mental objects ... and clings to naught in the world.”

All our memories are mental objects and are resultant from the store consciousness. When reading this part of the sacred writing what came to my about my memories are brought out as a poem.

Please read and contemplate.

On my mind’s wall hang many a pictures,
Subject to perennial scan with specific intent,
To lock on to a single mutilated frame,
Yet the content in vivid colours displaying,
Deeply etched with exhilarated emotions,
Mind’s retaining folds shoring in abundance,
The paints of sorrow, joy, pain and relief,
Unlike the woven canvas of traditional art,
A medium of slow and prolonged decay,
These pictures of memory quickly dissolve,
Without the holding frame of experience,
A retaining anchor of the image set adrift,
In the vast sea of fathomless consciousness,
Deep felt within the ramparts of emotions,
A solid mooring assigned of superior strength,
Withstanding the vagaries of inhibiting stress,
These ageless treasures of the distant past,
Are my companion in my life’s lonely hours,
Life rich in experience of relations fostered,
Empowering love lavishly given and received,
From a mind of pure intent to a creation,
So endowed with beauty and grandeur supreme,
I close my eyes in deep meditation as all frames fuse,
A single luminescent picture of divine splendour.

Love to you all

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