Thursday, March 22, 2012

Opaqueness and Illumination

“Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
Be thou a spirit of health or goblin damn'd,
Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell,
Be thy intents wicked or charitable,
Thou comest in such a questionable shape
That I will speak to thee: I'll call thee Hamlet,
King, father, royal Dane: O, answer me!”………Hamlet Act I scene 4

The dilemma of Hamlet is a reflection of the bard’s deeper understanding of the nature of reality.
We live in the world of perceptions and phenomenon formulated through concepts and imagery deep rooted in our psyche. Just as Hamlet in his frustration in trying to understand the nature of the apparition feeds attributes which are self negating and finally seek an answer from the apparition itself, we also externalize our perceptions, without realizing that such perceptions and resulting imagery are none other than projections of our tortured mind operating in a Cartesian mode.
Reality that appears to us in our phenomenal world are never absolute.
The ground of reality is in our inner most being which can not be grasped by our rational mind.

To reflect this my thoughts took the form of a poetry.

From the moss encrusted abode, my icy dungeon,
I exit the one creaking door that held me captive,
A burdensome chore lifting the heavy metal latch,
To a gloomy terrain of alien hue and distorted contour,
The rolling fog by some mysterious and devious design,
Hangs low, creating an image of a personal cocoon,
As I tread the ground, an intimate connection lost,
An ethereal feel of floating buoyed and directed,
By my thoughts which distort like the swirling eddies,
Leaving a wake of perturbation in this dynamic field.

The caressing of my senses through sweet scented breath,
Cacophony of the never ceasing orchestration of thoughts,
The tingling touch of the illusion with a quality of a lover,
Deter my intended progress and induce an oblivious stupor,
A comfort zone dulling my mind in a temporal domain,
I pull away from the numbed feel wishing for revelation,
Of the intended path guiding my steps in this darkness,
Night persists no illuminating ray ever pierces this space,
Deflected by the swelling ignorance of the logical mind,
Many a birth and death pass as my soul labours on.

Utterly my ego deflated I fall to the ground in prostration,
The reality then is revealed as I make intimate contact,
With the ground of being, the Divine light that illumines,
Shines not from the cosmos but at in state of total void,
Beyond the savouring senses and the roving restless mind,
A billion sparks of miniscule dimension hidden deep,
Penetrates my being and every pore in my body,
I see the shores of the ocean of pure light within,
Now I know the source from which I came and
To which eternal I will return.

Love to you all