Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crucifixion – Unifying Divine Mercy

“The month before Easter had been our usual preparation, with extra vigils and prayers. It was spring and I decided to let go and surrender myself to them as I never had before. I spent hours contemplating the mystery of Christ on the Cross. And then Easter was over and we had gone through the joy of resurrection, and the whole community felt so opened by it all. One evening about a week later I was in my room looking at the modern crucifix, which was all we had on our walls. Then I was overcome by sadness and pain. My body began to ache, and l lay on my bed in agony. I felt as if l was dying, it felt so real. I was taken over and began to weep for Jesus on the Cross, for His suffering and death. Then I was Mary holding her crucified child and I knew that the crucifixion wasn't over. I was all the mothers who have lost their beloved children in war, accident, or disease, who even today cannot feed their hungry children. I was the mother trapped in an earthquake In Armenia, struggling desperately unable to save her child. I was the young men, all the soldiers in the senseless battles, I was the cows and pigs on the way to the slaughterhouse, I was the modern generals and the Roman soldiers, the welfare mothers and the slumlord, the victims and the perpetrators, all who would die, all who are in pain. I lay there, watched over by the pain of the world-so much pain. I couldn't bear it. My heart simply wept. Then Jesus was there in my body and we were holding it together, the suffering of the world. And I could see that to hold it in mercy was divine. It broke open my heart. It became the holy pain that opens the heart. This is God's purpose for our sorrows, to connect all our hearts. There is so much mercy. Mercy within mercy.” …………Anonymous Catholic nun, quoted by Jack Kornfield in "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry"

We are in the midst of the Lenten season and I read the above passage in Jack’s book, which I consider as a very practical aid to spiritual living, the beauty of the living presence of Jesus became more transparent.

Pain is a common character which defines the world of human being. Every second of this world’s existence there is pain somewhere in this vast arena. It is well captured in the experience of the devote nun and the process of integration she goes through by intuiting the subtle connection that we all share.

Consider the hurricane, the earth's way of releasing pent-up heat and energy. Heat from the hotter tropical region has to move towards the colder region so that a thermal equilibrium can be established in any specific region of the earth. When that happens, it causes a violent wind to blow. That wind, in turn, stirs up huge waves when it passes over the ocean. The hurricane is not meant to cause suffering, but it is our perception and experience at a subjective level where we feel the impact that leads to suffering and pain.

These winds of equalization also rage in the consciousness of man, both in this life as well as in the karmic imprints that we carry in our present incarnation. Any equalization of negative imprint involves a process of removal. The more strongly we are attached to our negativity the more the suffering and pain in this process of eradication.

When we say that the suffering of Christ provided the universal redemption of the sins of humanity, it is not an act of wiping the slate clean in individual consciousness. It is a change of perception or mind set as to our true nature. Metanoia, is the Greek word used in the Bible for repentance but its true meaning is a “change of mind”. Christ embraced humanity as a single undifferentiated whole thus validating the pure nature of Divine consciousness in every creation, every human being is connected through the vertical and horizontal limbs of the cross in his or her Divine and human nature. What this devote nun experienced is this undifferentiated wholeness of all that is around us.

Hence in this season, let us be reminded of this great truth.

Love to you all.

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