Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Spiritual Impulse

I had written about the first two tenets of Andrew Cohen’s concept of Evolutionary consciousness.
In the following saying Andrew reveals a fundamental process which can be understood as the prime-mover of the entire evolutionary process.

“When you feel the vibration of the spiritual impulse, the impulse to evolve at the level of consciousness, it's not just a feeling that you or I might have. This impulse is something much bigger. In fact, I believe it is that very same impulse that caused something to come from nothing fourteen billion years ago, that compelled an entire material universe to miraculously emerge from complete emptiness. To me, at least, there is no doubt that a great and mysterious energy and intelligence with enormous power is driving this entire evolutionary process forward in every moment. And our own direct personal experience of spiritual inspiration is the most tangible expression of that very same drive.”………………………………..from “Evolutionary Enlightenment” by Andrew Cohen

The whole concept of Big Bang cosmology bases its validity on the fact that we have a measurable residual radiation left over from the beginning of the universe fourteen billion years ago. This is known as the Cosmic background microwave radiation. Just as the microwave frequency power is used to cook or warm up our meals, any source of high intensity heat leaves behind a microwave radiation. This has been accurately measured through out the universe looking in any direction. Why I am pointing out this fact is to evoke an appreciation that we are part and parcel of this radiation.

Every atom in our cells and hence every human being is the result of the Big Bang. We have all emerged from the primordial nothingness. When we say nothingness, we mean a no-thing state.
But we are very much aware today that matter and energy are two sides of the same coin, thanks to Albert Einstein. Therefore it would be correct to say that we as material manifestation emerged from the energy state at the Big Bang.

In the process of evolution of the entire universe, where there is such precise order, from the structure of the atom to the various physical parameters that govern the large scale structure of the universe, there has to be an inbuilt intelligence. This cosmic intelligence is not only a prime-mover at the launch of this manifestation but also, at increasingly subtle level, in our individual perception, the reason for the direction of evolution of this manifestation.

While we are able to measure through our satellites and instruments the remnant Big Bang energy, the current energy level that is driving our existence in the more immediate time frame becomes unquantifiable due to its operating domain and our own nature of perception. In our mind, from a purely high intensity external event it has moved to a high intensity internal process driver. This is an involutedly progressing process where the total energy remains same but its perception at the rational level in the space-time domain has undergone extreme dilution. Yet this impulse keeps surfacing in our individual consciousness time and again reminding us of our own origin.

This is, in the language of spirituality, the impulse to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. We are constantly reminded in our spiritual pursuit of our higher universal nature and it is for each one of us to become aware. This awareness is enlightenment.

Love to you all.

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