Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clarity of Intention

“The First Tenet of Evolutionary Enlightenment is called Clarity of Intention. This tenet points directly to the essential nature of the evolutionary impulse itself: the wholehearted, passionate intention to exist, to develop, to become, to evolve. That impulse is the same uninhibited YES that burst forth as the big bang, that compels the body to procreate and the mind to innovate. When that impulse expresses itself at the highest levels of consciousness, it is experienced as the inspiration that pulls us toward spiritual liberation and enlightenment. It is the mysterious drive to become more conscious. To have Clarity of Intention means to align oneself with the clear and single-pointed purpose of that impulse itself. And the way that alignment occurs, in a human heart and mind, is that the intention to evolve becomes more important to us than anything else in this world.”……………. Andrew Cohen

If you have seen an ace archer in a competition, he or she spend a lot of time looking through the stretched bow string, the arrow and the target. Though the target is hundreds of meters away, by intense concentration the target gets closer. Andrew Cohen, who is a contemporary spiritual guide brings out the importance of clarity of intension in our spiritual journey.

The impulse to create and innovate entails a cosmic intelligent plenum. In today’s cosmology we can understand that there are no accidents, coincidences or chance. These are not my words but the words of leading cosmologist like Martin Rees, Leonard Susskind and Paul Davies.

If I am in possession of a big stone from the marble quarry and show it as my creation, you may laugh at me or throw me out. Suppose, I carve a beautiful statue out of that stone, immediately you will start admiring it as a beautiful creation. How did a simple stone, which was not considered a creation, now turn out to be a beautiful creation? What I brought out of the basic matter – stone – is an order and a beauty to qualify it as a creation. This starts with a primary intention.
In creation, there is an order and a harmony, contributing to aesthetic beauty. The Greek word Kosmos means ‘order’.

According to thermodynamics, any ordered system involves high energy or low entropy (disorder). In order to create and maintain order, work has to be done. Thermodynamically, nature moves to a chaotic state to lower its energy (natural energy dissipation); that is increase its entropy.

Another important point to remember is that larger the mass of an object greater the entropy contained within it. This potency for disorder is kept under check by an intent action. Since order can only come out of intelligence, creative order involves an intelligent action. This much, we understand by examining the laws of thermodynamics.

Intelligence at the cosmic scale involves the collective intent. It cannot be a ‘stochastic process’ such as Darwinian evolution since it cannot produce complex systems. (this is a big subject but we have sufficient scientific knowledge to endorse this view)

The Cosmic intent which models the evolving process is a reflective and integral content in individual consciousness. Having understood this deep truth, we need to focus our intentions on this Unitarian process rather than on narrow individual domains. We are co-creators in the cosmic process.

The way this happens is by means of aligning oneself “with the clear and single-pointed purpose of that impulse itself.”

This is the sole purpose and our goal in life.

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