Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spiritual Dimension of Love

Yeshua said, “Love your friends like your own soul, protect them like the pupil of your eye.” ……….Saying 25 “Gospel of Thomas”

Though this is a very simple instruction, there is a cosmic implication in this very act of loving which Yeshua points out as mandatory. In the canonical Gospel we have read the same instruction;
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, Love your neighbour as yourself.”……….Luke Ch 10:27.
But the dimension of loving all human creation is amplified in the instruction of Yeshua.

The immediate thought that enters our mind on the act of loving is a plethora of emotions such as caring, compassion, concern, etc., The specific qualification of the nature of love that is needed is in a spiritual sphere. It is equated to loving one’s soul. Love of one’s soul is the undifferentiated union with the true nature of one’s soul. In spiritual love, the identity of the true nature of the object of love, becomes of primal importance. If all human creation is in the image of the Divine, there can not be any difference in love of others and in self love.
The act of loving establishes a bridge and level playing field for all the energies of life, through communication and action, to mutually empower both the subject and the object of love.

In the worldly act of loving, there is always a feedback mechanism available through the senses and emotions by which a measurement of fulfilment or gratification can be achieved.
But in spiritual love, which is of a transcendent nature, we operate in a domain where methods of knowing through the rational mind are inoperative. This is the reason that the two elements of faith and hope has to precede the act of loving. This is beautifully captured by Tau Malachi in his commentary on this verse when he says;

“Faith is an intuition of an experience not yet had, hope the active aspiration to attainment of that spiritual experience and love, the active power in the human spirit that allows the Divine spirit to freely act”

Self preservation through self love can not be isolated from the preservation of the species, which can only be achieved through unconditional love of every element of the species. This importance is emphasised through equating the preservation of one’s pupil from any harm. For clear sight, the pupil of the eye, which is the physical portal to the world, plays the most vital role. In the spiritual dimension, the entire physical manifestation becomes equivalent to the pupil of the eye as every human creation is a Divine portal to the undivided Divine consciousness.

In spiritual writing and sayings; the eye is equated to ‘understanding’. Hence when Yeshua talks about the ‘pupil of the eye’, he is referring to the portal of understanding which is the human mind. We are called upon to perform an empowering role of enriching minds of our fellow beings. Protecting is not a passive role but a proactive role of empowerment so that the minds of our brethren are enriched to well integrate in the ambience of evolving consciousness to become co-creators and instruments of the Divine.

Love is the surrender and the true meaning of the “two shall become one”. Love is the portal of unification of all human creation. This unification is the ‘Omega Point’ of which Teilhard de Chardin talks when defining the process of human evolution. When ‘many are gathered in my name’ also means 'this unity of consciousness' and not some physical gathering, at which point the second messianic coming will take place.

Love to you all.

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