Sunday, May 15, 2011

Subverting the Goddess

“Goddess is being more intensively subverted than ever before, and Her words are constantly contradicted by the duplicity and misogyny of the 'great patriarchy'; and the sad thing is, the general public is manipulated through the veil of the false matrix to unquestionably accept and comply with what they are told. We do need the Return of the Divine Feminine, and we need it now! Her Return can only be led by Sophia -- the Lost Goddess, the Goddess of Wisdom. For She is the Holy Ghost (the Holy Spirit) and the leader of the Holy Trinity -- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (who leads the feminine way, or even better, 'Sophia’s Way'). She will prevail for Gaia and all her flora and fauna if we will unite behind Her. We of only human spirit just need to be of like mind and lend our support to Sophia's feminine way, Her return, and the complementary nature of Her divine spirit. . . and then we will find felicity”…………. ‘Heaven on Earth’ by Albert Lloyd Williams

On Sunday 08.05.2011, we celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’. This date instead of providing an opportunity to contemplate the true nature of motherhood has been reduced to an occasion for commercial exploitation.

A culture that is rooted in materialism has no place for Divine Feminine or the wisdom of the spirit. Humans evolve within the matrix of Gaia through various stages of experiential and intellectual expansion. The human child first is formed in the womb matrix of the mother and after appropriate gestation and when it is ready for the next matrix shift enters the earth matrix. Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce in his very popular book ‘The Magical Child’ stresses on the importance of the natural process through this transition form the human mother to the earth mother is important. Wisdom is obtained not by external input but through leveraging the natural inbuilt potential of the child in various transitions of the matrices. From the Earth matrix the child moves on to the social matrix.

Today we systematically isolate the child from birth from this natural evolution and inculcate, in the name of well being and education, a thoroughly unnatural set of values and experiences which impedes wisdom and intellect development.
The greatest crime that the materialistic culture commits today is that it imposes a set of values which are totally alien to our well being. A woman becomes an object. The patriarchal misogyny is executed at the perception level. The Mother Goddess, which is a symbol of womb of wisdom constantly giving birth to a consciousness in transition, is reduced to an object for self gratifying adoration on the catwalks of fashion shows, on the images of media and advertisements.

The triune matrix in human development is a mirror image of the triune symbolism of cosmic consciousness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To amplify this statement it can be seen that the human child in maternal womb matrix is the undivided unity of consciousness; in the earth matrix, it is the manifested duality operating yet within the nurturing care of the mother, symbolized by the duality of the Son's human and divine nature and finally in the Social matrix, where a healthy and all empowering relationship with all creation is a prerequisite for attaining life's purpose, it is symbolized by the wisdom of the Spirit which is the essence of all manifestations. This last stage requires a high level of Self awareness through which the integral nature of our coexistence with all creation and a return to non-duality is mandated. This requires the action of the all pervading spirit within individual consciousness. This is the reason that the ‘Holy Spirit’ is the Divine Feminine or Sophia or Mother Goddess. The feminine way is the way of Divine Wisdom through which we perceive the true nature of reality and pierce the veil of Maya. While to our limited intellectual perception a triune nature of the grand Oneness is proposed as an imagery or symbol, the Mother Goddess is the singularity in which the Original source and all its manifestations find meaning. Every woman in creation must evoke this deep spiritual insight contrary to what the image of woman has been reduced to in our present material culture.

Love to you all

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