Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toward a New Cosmic Assignment

“All things in creation are subject to the law of change, and man, too, is subject to this law.”
………… Sri Satya Sai Baba

Today Sri Satya Sai Baba left his mortal body on his next cosmic assignment fulfilling his words which are quoted at the beginning of this article.
Sri Sai Baba was a very spiritual person who went beyond all religion. Some people are born to be in a role of great spiritual teachers and there are levels of reincarnation when a specific consciousness which has been greatly purified is sent to become a spiritual master or even a great teacher. Lord Krishna, Buddha, Yeshua (Christ), Prophet Mohamed were at a higher level. People like Swami Ramakrishna, Bodhidharma and Padre Pio, who could bilocate (, were at a different level and Sri Sai Baba was also at a unique and higher level of reincarnation. Please do not judge this to be linear gradation; it is more a comparative figure of speech.
He had a very powerful and pure consciousness field which was experienced by his devotees and a number of instances of powerful link up with individual consciousness through non-local and distance communication were activated.
His concern for humanity is also to be appreciated. The many educational institutions, hospitals and public projects are a testimony to his caring for fellow beings.

What I liked about him was the way he propagated wisdom through simple communication. Some examples are:
  • Small minds select narrow roads; expand your mental vision and take to the broad road of helpfulness, compassion and service.
  • You are seeking joy and peace in far-off places. But the spring of joy is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself.
  • GOD is neither distant, nor distinct from you.
  • The service of man is the only means by which you can serve GOD.
  • I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.
  • Faith is like our life breath. It is impossible to live even for a minute in this world without faith.
  • So long as you say "I am", there is bound to be fear, but once you say and feel "I am GOD", you get unconquerable strength.
All people who influence others to be elevated in their spiritual consciousness are ascended masters and they must continuously evolve to higher levels. This is a great responsibility. Some fail and are corrupted and we have many examples. Because Sri Sai Baba used his spiritual powers to empower people both through wisdom and through service to people, he was considered great. Today, people worry more about the wealth he has left behind rather than how to continue his spiritual legacy. This is unfortunate as this happens to many spiritual masters who institutionalize their work.

We are at a unique moment of our evolution. Our consciousness is crying out to break free from all the trappings if materialism and Sri Satya Sai Baba’s spiritual legacy should be lived through what he taught; namely universal love through self realization of our Divine nature. This is the greatest tribute one can pay him.


  1. good summaraisation of Baba. He also said that his philosophy is that a Hindu should become a better Hindu , a Muslim a better Muslim and a Christian a better Christian.
    Thank you

  2. EMPTY, thanks for the feedback and the addition to the wealth of saying of Sri Satya Sai.

  3. Sai Baba has been very inspirational to millions of spiritual seekers irrespective of their background and religious affiliation. His life and teachings of 5 main spiritual values - Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema & Ahimsa has helped his followers put things in perspective. He preached that there is inherent divinity in each one of us.

    I have personally benefitted greatly from his teachings of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to the Lord.

    May his glory always shine.

  4. Thanks JP. I have been sent many private messages about the miracles of Sri Sai Baba. I even received a BBC footage on the trickery involved in his miracles. People become judgmental but what we need to take home is the positives. As you say always be benefited from what is available.