Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Criteria for Choice

Yeshua said, “I shall choose you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand, and they will stand as a single one.”………..Saying 23, Gospel of Thomas.

The words of Yeshua have to be understood from a totally different perspective.
In an essay “The Gospel of Thomas and the Hermeneutics of Vision” by Dr. Lance Owens writes that “This tradition is defined by its hermeneutics (study of interpretation theory): Only one who understands the method of interpretation will understand the message. It is a psychological paradox: the message is the method; the method is vision – a perceptive, spiritually uplifted, visionary encounter with the message. The Words of the Living Jesus presented in Thomas became doorways to an experience of knowing. Implicitly and explicitly, they demand from their interpreter an anagogical hermeneutics – a technique of interpretation vouchsafed by vision. This argument does not date the origins of Thomas into a second century "Gnostic milieu" but rather asserts the hermeneutics of vision that engendered Gnostic Christianity was taking form around Jesus at a very early date.”

For one to choose, a certain qualification is needed. In the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, this person is addressed as ‘Tzaddik’ and his relationship to God is defined as “those who have completely nullified themselves and their desires to what God wants, their Godly soul (which like every Godly soul is part of God) is revealed within them more than other people who have not completely nullified themselves to God.” This is important to understand why only such a person can choose those who could “stand as a single one”. The target of choice is the one who has attained unity of consciousness with the Divine plane.
This status can only be sensed or experienced by someone who is already established in this supreme and elevated state of unity consciousness.

The target group of thousand and ten thousand are multiples of ten and carries an important significance. According to St. Emanuel Swedenborg, in his magnum opus ‘Arcana Coelestia’, he says; “The number "ten" in the Holy Scriptures, as also "tenths" signify and represent remains, which are preserved by the Lord in the internal man, and which are holy, because they are of the Lord alone”
Out of entire humanity, the thousand and the ten thousand that are being scanned for the choice are already spiritual adepts, as they represent the higher stages of spiritual consciousness. This can be equated to the Master of the vineyard who picks the ripened grapes from the vines for the wine press.

From this elite group only one from the first level of spiritual consciousness and two from the higher level are chosen. The significance of one and two are also important. Both the candidates have a common requirement, namely; they have to stand as one which means that all duality must be eradicated and the individual consciousness must be merged with the Divine. This can be achieved by those who have unity of purpose (one) in karmic duties and worship and those who carry this unity of purpose to a higher level through the power of their spiritual wisdom. The consciousness uplifting act is equated to the power of (two) wings in many Scriptural passages.

St. Emanuel Swedenborg, in his writings ‘Apocalypse Revealed’, says “Concerning the wings of the cherubim we read in Ezekiel that: The wings kissed each other, and that they also covered their bodies, and that under them there was the likeness of hands (Ezek. 1:23-24; 3:13; 10:5, 21). By "kissing each other," is signified to act in conjunction and unanimously; by "covering their bodies," is signified to guard lest the interior truths which belong to the spiritual sense of the Word be violated; and by "the hands under the wings" are signified powers. Concerning "the Seraphim," it is also said, that: They had six wings; with two of which they covered the face, and with two the feet, and with two they flew (Isa. 6:2).”

The extent and depth of this saying while pointing out the difficulty that we might encounter in our spiritual pursuit, points to a methodology through powerful interpretation and symbolism.

Love to you all

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  1. May be 1/1000 and 2/10000 has the ability to stand as a single ONE. You have rightly pointed out that this is our duty to raise upto that.