Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mighty Mustard Seed

“The disciples said to Yeshua, “Tell us what Heaven's kingdom is like.” He said to them, it’s like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds, but when it falls on prepared soil, it produces a large plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky.”………… ‘Gospel of Thomas’ - Saying 20

This saying from the Gospel of Thomas has many layers of meanings.

The first of these is that the form does not reveal the true potency of any manifestation. In the simplest of from this great truth is revealed by Yeshua. When you look up to the heavens, you see the stars and when the same is viewed through a telescope we have a different perception of magnitude. But when you have the view of the same star from the Hubble telescope located in space, the star becomes a Galaxy comprising of a billion stars. This is true from the microscopic to the macroscopic dimension. The fundamental structure is in the smallest of manifestation. This is the reason great minds like Einstein always said that there should be a very simple governing principle to the Universe. Hence the physical manifestation is not a limitation in reaching our true life purpose.

The second meaning in the saying is that just as the seed requires a well prepared soil to grow into a large plant so also one requires a well conditioned consciousness to grow into the realization that the basic unit of consciousness has a cosmic and divine purpose to its creation. A shift in consciousness to a higher level of being may be imperceptible but can have a quantum effect. It is similar to the concept that small changes in the temperature and pressure in some location in the atmosphere can cause a hurricane in some other part of the globe. This is called the ‘Butterfly Effect’. {The butterfly effect is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory; namely that small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behaviour of the system. Although this may appear to be an esoteric and unusual behaviour, it is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position……..Wikipedia}.

‘Falling on a well prepared soil’ is the initial condition and this is time independent and operates in the consciousness through ever present awareness of our true intended purpose of existence. The kingdom of heaven is a constant awareness of the Divine presence in all that we are submerged in. We see God not only in every cell of our body but in all manifestations.
When we are so aware, we would be able to establish a connection to the unmanifest as simply the ground of being for all that exists in the explicate order.

The third layer of meaning is the ultimate life purpose of moving to a higher level of being. Yeshua talks about the ‘becoming a shelter for birds of the sky’.
The seed and its initial germination are in a limited two dimensional plane. But the growth takes place in the third dimension and yet it has limited degree freedom. This is the ground reality of the consciousness in the material manifestation. The soul is imprisoned in the body but we can always open up the windows to invite and shelter the free spirit that constantly nourishes us and experience the Kingdom of God until the day when the prison doors are opened and we are free to merge with no physical impediments. This is the reason that in the Kabbalistic ‘Tree of Life’, the Kingdom (Malkuth) which is at the root of the tree has to ascend to the Divine plenum (Ein Sof). {Malkuth gives tangible form to the other emanations. It is like the negative node of an electrical circuit. The divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and up the Tree………..Wikipedia}

The seed and the well prepared soil are fundamental to the actualization to a higher life purpose and it is for us to ensure that our seed consciousness is always embedded in constant awareness of the power of the manifested microcosm to reach its infinite potential.

Love to you all


  1. Dear TIB,

    When I read the Gospel of Thomas, I read that Jesus tells his disciples that end is in the beginning and vice-versa. And he talks about the heaven's kingdom as tiny seed, which is as well a beginning as well the end.

    But in the interim, it becomes a plan(e)t, if it falls on the right soil, where in the birds of heaven (life) thrive. So this planet/place is His Kingdom. Is it not..?

    And I see that he goes onto say that his disciples (you, me, us) are like children living in someone else's field (we are living in His Kingdom, (but thinking this is ours)), when time comes, they simply leave the field.

    Further he goes on to say "these nursing babies are like those who enter my kingdom. When u make inner and outer same, upper and lower same, male and female into one, two into one, you can enter the kingdom".

    So His kingdom is spread everywhere, like a plant spread from seed. We can, like birds sheltering in a tree, shelter on the manifestation of HIs Kingdom.

    But we cannot enter His Kingdom, unless we are like those babies that were nursing, knew only one and not two, knew no difference and see everything same.

    This means we need to give up all our mental clothes that we acquired, to be able to enter His Kingdom, when we leave our fields.

    Apologies, if it does not match the 'correct' interpretations.


  2. TBT, I was away for the best part of last week and hence this delay in replying. I did miss your comments in the past few months.
    Your interpretation is in the right track. Yeshua (Jesus) was always emphasizing on the following during his life especially in the esoteric dimension.
    1. The kingdom of God is within us and around us and hence we are all connected and one.
    2. There is no duality in the domain of the spirit but we tend to perceive duality due to the manifest material nature as is also stressed in the Bhagavad Gita.
    3. Unless we reach the state of unpolluted consciousness like that of a child we can not enter into divine consciousness (Christ consciousness or Krishna consciousness) which is the real meaning entering the 'Kingdom of heaven'
    The 'someone else's field' which Yeshua refers in the saying about disciples is the field of maya or the physical reality in which we live thinking this is our domain but they will have to simply leave this without any regret or attachment.

    Thanks for your comment.