Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five Trees of Paradise

Yeshua said, “Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being.
If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you.
For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.” ………..
Saying 19 Gospel of Thomas

This is a continuation of saying 18 where Yeshua clarifies that one has to be in the beginning to understand the end. In this saying Yeshua starts with a conundrum, how can one come into being before coming into being. There are two dimensions to the human existence; spiritual and physical. The spiritual embodiment of the self always exists and it is never born but the physical takes birth or incarnation as a vehicle of the spirit. There is an intuitive wisdom in every human being to comprehend this reality but there is a spiritual blindness which blocks this vision. Yeshua’s teachings were intended to remove this myopia and restore the true sight.
Now if you read the Gospel of John, chapter 9, you will understand the true significance of that miracle. This miracle concerns a ‘man born blind’ and Yeshua heals him by applying mud and his own spittle then asking the blind man to go and wash in the ‘pool of Siloam’. The eye is the portal of perception by covering the eye with mud and spittle Yeshua acts out the physical creation of man which is made of the earthly elements and divine essence which is symbolized by the spittle which Yeshua takes out from his inner being and sends the blind man to the pool of Siloam to wash it off. The pool of Siloam was used for purification during the Jewish festival of Tabernacle. Siloam means ‘sent’ and we are all sent to this world in a process of purification so that we mat realize our true nature.

The next line of the saying bears a very deep meaning. All creations, like the stones which symbolize the collated and hardened consciousness, are here to serve this one purpose that we are here to wash away the ignorance of our false identity and be restored with the vision of our true nature.

This leads us to the next part of the saying which seems to be quite out of context. This saying is attributed to the Gnostic teachings of Yeshua or teachings to the ‘Initiates’ which was confirmed in the second century writings of St. Clement of Alexandria.
Yeshua talks of the ‘Five Trees of Paradise’ and the importance of knowing their eternal unchanging nature.
According to Kabbalah, creation is composed of five major categories of consciousness, called worlds or universes. They are not separate universes, but are concentric, one within the other. They are the world of physicality, the world of emotions, the world of the intellect, the world of the spirit and Adam Kadmon, the primordial source. Although we give different names to the worlds, they are not really separate from each other.
Each of these worlds is a dimensional portal through which we gain a unique perspective of reality. Thus, the Kabbalah teaches that the soul has five levels, five dimensions of awareness. Each soul dimension has a unique relationship with its world and this is the vehicle through which we mysteriously connect with various realms. Some aspects of soul relate more to our physicality, while others dwell, so to speak, in different realms of awareness. One aspect of the soul is always joined with the centre of creation, and this is our eternal link with truth.

All these symbolism of five worlds of consciousness, five levels of awareness, five members of the mind and five tabernacles are unified in Yeshua’s teaching as Five Trees of Paradise in keeping with a more eastern symbolism which can be traced to the Vedic philosophy.
From the universal viewpoint, the Ashwattha, the sacred tree, is an emblem of the "Tree of Life," the symbol of the never-ending universe. Here we have an instance of progress from universals to particulars. This tree has (1) "its roots above," (2) "its branches below," (3) "the lesser shoots," (4) "the leaves," and (5) "those roots which ramify below." Commencing in the unknown, the universal, the beginningless and endless, the Rootless Root of all-being, the Tree is thus reversed. The "roots above," generated in Heaven, represent the "First Cause," the Logos that links manifestation to Purusha-Spirit-SELF.

This saying is aimed at understanding our true nature and to lead a life rooted in this consciousness.

Love to you all


  1. Thanks - I been searching for an answer to what the five trees represent - any thoughts on what the three things Jesus said to Thomas were?

  2. Thanks for your appreciation and glad to know I have been of assistance.

    The ‘three things’ that Jesus said to Thomas were probably as follows:

    1) there is an intense struggle between Truth and thought;

    2) thoughts are ‘stones’ which originate in the ‘fire’ of fear and desire; and,

    3) when those thoughts revert to the ‘fire’ of fear and desire in the confrontation with the Truth, they completely consume the consciousness of the ‘thinker’.

    The reason thoughts are related to 'stones' is due to the nature of its formation through conscious mental process, in to something 'concrete'. Why these thoughts are thought to emanate from a 'fire of fear and desire' is due to the reason that sense inputs are the roots from which the conscious mind extracts thoughts and all sense inputs are derives from either 'survival' or for the purpose of gratification which is the result of 'desire' or craving.

    Thomas answers his fellow disciples with true content of Jesus saying to him but he uses a Koan structure so that only the initiates can understand.

  3. Perhaps the five trees in paradise are the five universal laws, that would be a metaphoric expression as per the bible, just as the phrase "this heaven will disappear and the one above it" would translate into atomic and subatomic levels, something to think about