Sunday, September 26, 2010

Divine Feminine

“The Eternal Feminine is our Guide” ................Goethe

On 24th September, I had a half day sessions for Physics graduate students on “Science of Consciousness” The opening slide on the need to adopt an integral approach to studying, understanding and applying science was the three propositions of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was not a scientist but a great systemic thinker. His insightful comment on the Divine Feminine is the opening quote.

My friend on Facebook, Gilbert Schultz, wrote a beautiful comment regarding the meaning of human life which I quote below:
“The Divine Feminine can be found deep within, it is not a surface attribute connected to a certain body or image- it is the inner essence that animates the outer form, which is divine at every age and stage and in every shape and design. On a Macro level ~ Goddess is World Soul in Union with God- animating the outer form of all Created Life through the Breath of Spirit. She is the power of Wisdom, Nature, Shakti, the devotion of Universal Love, the Balance and harmony of all polarity and the personification of Gaia and Cosmos, holding the intricate ecology of the Web of Life in Earth and Multi-verse. Originating from the Galactic core and Generating as the Creative Freedom that we are made from, we are waking up to our true selves- which is Free when we embody our Divine inheritance.”

In early cultures, when humans were rooted to magical and mythical consciousness, there are many images that were felt to belong to or to describe her. Certain forms like the circle, the oval, the wavy line, the meander and the spiral are, as early as the Palaeolithic, recognizable as the "signature" of the Feminine. Most places of worship were stone circle which still be traced in the native Indian tradition of North America. Portrayal of these symbols can be seen on the walls of the caves, on stones and dolmens and later, in the Neolithic, on the rounded or egg-shaped pottery vessels which themselves symbolized the body of the Great Mother. The stone, as the densest, oldest and most enduring aspect of life on earth, was always an image of her, a symbol of eternal life. The circle and the egg-like oval described her womb and her reproductive channel; the serpent-like spiral, the meander and the labyrinth were the hidden patterns and pathways of the life-force or energy flowing through and connecting the different dimensions of her being. These basic forms, so familiar to ancient peoples everywhere and now becoming known to us through the work of pioneers of the language of symbols, trace their descent through subsequent civilizations, East and West, and are still held deep in our memory today. The Mandela, or circular form, is a universal feminine image which symbolizes wholeness, completion, containment - the oneness of life.

In later traditions in Sumer, Egypt, Indus Valley and Greece, the divine feminine was an integral part of mythology and worship.
Coming into spiritual traditions in the current epoch, Vedic cultures adopted the divine feminine as an integral part of it pantheon due to the intimate relation between the Shiva-Shakti as the organizing principle of the cosmos.

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva (a Being of Enlightenment), the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and one of the Lords of Karma. Quan Yin is the Divine Feminine aspect within Buddhism, equivalent to Mother Mary, Isis and Shakti in other world belief systems. Her full name means “She who listens to the cries of the World” and she has vowed to remain in the earthly realms until all other living souls have completed their own enlightenment. In many images She is depicted carrying the Pearls of Illumination and longevity, which were created by Lao Tsu and are connected to her role as ‘Chohan of the Pearl Ray’ (one who opens the 8th portal connecting the seven human chakras to the Divine spirit). She is often shown pouring a stream of healing "Waters of Life," from a small vase (she refers to this as "The Flask of Immortality"). With this water all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace. She may also hold a sheaf of ripe rice or a bowl of rice seed as a metaphor for fertility and sustenance. Some also see her riding a dragon, both an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation.

As an integral part of our consciousness evolution, let us realize the importance of the Divine Feminine in each one. It is only through this realization that we can become whole and appreciate the beauty of the Divine.

Love to you all.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the sharing. Can you please tell me the artist of this post. Blessings, NF

  2. Thanks Naomi for your appreciation.
    The image is from Facebook posted by a friend.