Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tower Tarot

“To a true renunciate, who is free from subject/object duality, belief is an impediment” …………………… Shankaracharya

Belief systems thus can be broken down into three broad categories.

1. Ordinary dualistic experiences
a) Experiences that totally dominated by a imposed rigid belief system so that any new experiences and which does not conform to the tenets of the imposed belief system is totally rejected. This is the common situation of arrogant, closed minded, bigoted, prejudiced, dogmatic, stubborn, ideological, or fundamentalist people.
b) Experiences are allowed to condition one’s imposed belief system; they are taken into consideration and are capable of expanding one's vision of reality. But these are still limited, because the nature of the experiences is based on our dualistic perception (separation from all things) rather than one's intimate inter-connection. Thus although the imposed belief system and one's own experiential conditioning is a two way street, such status still severely limits our vision of reality. This is the experience of the true scientist, true searcher, or beginner's mind of open-minded people.
2. A second mindset type uses their spiritual non-dual experiences to inform their belief system. But in these individuals there is a constant iteration between their background of inherited belief system and their non-dual experiential take on reality.
3. A third mindset type is informed directly through sustained or continuous non-dual experience where there is no need for any preordained belief systems because one is rooted through an innate guidance in an absolute reality. Here the self operates through integration of being (sat) and consciousness (citta). That merger brings a state of ecstatic joy (ananda). This is actually is a state of transpersonal and transcendent Being (Satchitananda).

The Tower Tarot card is the only card in the Major Arcana that refers to a total restructuring of one's belief system. The Tower brings disruption, instability, transformation and truth. With the Tower card, one can expect a total deconstruction of one's beliefs and thought patterns. The Tower often indicates that one’s faulty perceptions have caused the creation of an unstable foundation.
The corresponding number to The Tower is sixteen. In numerology, sixteen is reduced to seven, which represents authoritative power and positive action. All given-belief systems come through the diktats of authoritative power. However, in the case of the Tower card, seven refers to a unyielding force that collides with the blinded journeyman. He has lost sight of his true path and he has no choice but to look the choices that he has made in the past.
A positive element to the Tower Tarot card is freedom.

The true meaning of God’s destruction of the Tower of Babel is closely linked to the significance of the Tower Tarot card. Both in Akkadian and Hebrew language ‘Babel’ means ‘Gate to God’. In the Summerian and Egyptian spiritual tradition, a gateway was assigned to a portal for elevation of consciousness and Babel is the portal to Divine consciousness. The people of Shinar who had one language, denotes a collective consciousness rooted to the humanly ordained belief system which is socially and culturally conditioned through a uniform code.
The portal of Divine consciousness cannot be approached through this means and the innate Divine action scatters the people so that they can approach Babel through their individual experiential consciousness; through an individual state of Satchitananda.

Love to you all


  1. Being & consciousness brought joy into my heart for a brief movement only. This occurs when I deeply get into sleepy stage of my meditation. When I attain nothingness (no thing) prevails in my mind and heart. I feel like revolving, my body used to rotate (It is a sensible feeling of Gate to God) Christ said, BE STILL know that I am.
    Similary, when we pray with vigor and cry out to God as community after inner healing of our wounds, while we achieve oneness and everything is transparent between us. During this state of "Oneness" of community can also lead to state of Satchitananda! Christ said, when two are three gathered in my name "I am there" we could sense His presence. The early Christians while they were in the upper house experienced this state of “Gate to God” (Pentecostal) Gate to God can be seen through both ways. But attaining by one's own experiential way is easier than as a community to attain Oneness realization of Gate to God.

  2. Francis,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Spiritual portal is difficult to describe. Each one must experience it in their own way. Most 'near death experience' cases see a tunnel of brilliant light. But this experience is described after the patient return to life and his language and human emotions cannot describe fully what in actuality he or she went through.

    Collective praying or any spiritual practice can only enable one to reach a certain level of awareness but can never take you to personal God realization. This is a journey that you have to undertake alone.