Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pure Awareness of Nowness

“Since pure awareness of nowness is the real buddha,
In openness and contentment I found the Lama in my heart,
When we realize this unending natural mind is the very nature of the Lama,
Then there is no need for attached, grasping, or weeping prayer or artificial complaints,
By simply relaxing in this uncontrived, open and natural state,
We obtain the blessing of aimless self-liberation of whatever arises.” ……
Dudjom Rinpoche

Dudjom Rinpoche was known as the "master of masters". He was acknowledged by the leading Tibetan teachers of his time as possessing the greatest power and blessing in communicating the nature of mind which is necessary for enlightenment as realized in Dzogchen. It was to him that the great masters sent their students when prepared for this "mind-direct" or mind-to-mind transmission. Dudjom Rinpoche was the root teacher of many of today's most prominent masters.
In this saying during a dialogue with a student he expounds the state of the mind that has to be reached for one to realize the relationship with the master.
Lama is a title for a Tibetan teacher of the Dharma. The name is similar to the Sanskrit term ‘guru’.
And buddha means the ‘awakened one’.
All past awareness and future concerns are the tools of modification of the mind, to reach a pure unmodified state of mind is to be rooted in the present or the nowness of being. This is the ground of operation of a spiritual master, because the nature of a true master is a consciousness which has not been subject to any corruption. When one reaches this state there is no distance between the initiate and the master. In the state of pure awareness of nowness space-time dissolves. This is the primary attribute of pure consciousness.
This is the reason that Dudjom Rinpoche says “I found the Lama in my heart”.

Only when the master sits at a distance, you go through the act of grasping or attaching yourself to what he says. You also can intercede and complain about things you do not comprehend.
In the natural state of an open and uncontrived mind, your mind eliminates all impediments of space and time. This is why deep truths are revealed through instant mind to mind transfer between a disciple and a guru or Lama. There are no words or dialogue or debate which are purely intellectual exercise and can not transmit truth which transcends the rational mind.

The reason why I venerate the Sacred Heart of Jesus is due to this very fact. Jesus, when he made the statement, “I and the Father are one”…
John 10:30, he is exactly speaking the same language which Dudjom Rinpoche uses. The true Lama or Guru is the Divine consciousness, the Father, and when we open up through pure awareness of nowness the Father takes root in our heart.
This is a state when the individual mind or consciousness has at its command the full power of the Divine consciousness.

This state is beautifully described by Dudjom Rinpoche

No words can describe it
No example can point to it
Samsara does not make it worse
Nirvana does not make it better
It has never been born
It has never ceased
It has never been liberated
It has never been deluded
It has never existed
It has never been nonexistent
It has no limits at all
It does not fall into any kind of category.

Love to you all

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