Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gift of No-mind

Yeshua said, “I will give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.” …….. Saying 17- Gospel of Thomas

Recently I was answering questions from a group of school children and one teenager asked me this question; “we study that we come from the primates, can you tell me what we will become in future”. That was a very loaded question and it is difficult to convey the concept of the current view of evolution to a teenager. My answer was that we will evolve into beings with higher consciousness.
But there have been great spiritual masters, like Yeshua, who transcended to that state even in the present time in history of the human race.

I recall what the contemporary philosopher
Ken Wilber said in his 'complete works volume 3 “A Sociable God” in page 446';
“Look at the course of evolution to date: from amoebas to humans! Now, what if the ratio, amoebas to humans applied to future evolution? That is amoebas are to humans as humans are to --- what? Is it ridiculous to suggest that the “what” might indeed be omega, geist, supermind, spirit? That Brahman is not only the ground of evolution but the goal itself”

Evolution can only be truly understood in the context of an integral approach where the physical dimension plays a less vital role but the consciousness dimension is what really drives the shift and plays a major role.

In the present stage of evolution as
Homo Sapiens Sapiens, we are trapped in a space-time domain where the mind is continuously conditioned by sensory inputs both from the past, which conditioned the consciousness of our ancestors, and in the present through our own individual perceptions. The nurturing ground of our consciousness is the aggregated knowledge of all humanity. Here we have to deal with a double whammy, one the collective modifications and the other is individual metal modifications. Absolute truth lies beyond this level of comprehension. This is the reason for the saying 17 in the Gospel of Thomas. Teachers, who deal with knowledge dissemination, give you aggregated information which have their validation either through authentication by pure authority (examples are historical evidences or facts) or through empirical verifications. Fundamentally, all these information or knowledge has their origin from the senses, the emotional dictates of the discerning heart and the power of the source.

Yeshua promises knowledge, obtained through his teaching, which takes to beyond the rational mind. The miracles of Yeshua and his encouragement for his followers to perform even more powerful miracles, is an example of how his followers can even excel him. Ordinary fishermen and tax collectors were given the power, not through some magical intervention, but by the power of being able to receive the gift of insight into their own divine nature. Knowledge and the knower can not be segregated. If someone like Yeshua is promising a knowledge through which everyone can reach a state of going beyond the rational mind then all ‘knowers’ have to be elevated to an egalitarian state of consciousness. This can happen only through an intuitive process of realizing one’s true self.

Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit priest and Anthropologist said “we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a physical experience”.
Yeshua, in this saying, promises wisdom that will empower each one of us to transcend in our consciousness to state where we can know our true self as an integral part of an undifferentiated supreme consciousness. This elevation of consciousness will ensure each one of us to say “I and the Father are one”.

May the wisdom of Yeshua empower us in this process of transcendence of our consciousness.

Love to you all


  1. Evolution can only be truly understood in the context of an integral approach where the physical dimension plays a less vital role but the consciousness dimension is what really drives the shift and plays a major role.

    Sir this is enlightening and i am able to get to the deeper understandings here! My Master Patriji while he was @ Mumbai explained to us at length about several concepts that really empowered us. as for me he has envisioned a gr8 task in the neighboring of GUJARAT where i have to work in conjunction with a few other Masters.
    i shall constantly be in touch with your kind self for inspirational writings of yours on Fc Bk !

    thanks a million for being there for many like me!! Pranams''venkat

  2. Thank you Venkat, for your inputs

  3. What Teilhard says is invigorating and if only we can attain that state of spiritual being with a physical body.......!!!!

  4. Empty, the realization of the pure state of one's being is Ananda!