Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Beginning

Of the “The Three Fundamentals” of the “Secret Doctrine” proposed by Madam Blavatsky, the first fundamental axiom of the Secret Doctrine is this metaphysical "One Absolute"-or "Be-ness"--symbolized by the endless Circle or, infinite SPACE filled with infinitesimal units of life, each imbued in potential with the attributes of the ONE, called the MONADS, or 'atoms of Life.'

If so, my friend on Facebook, Fyodorovitch, asked “what was at the beginning?” as envisaged in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

To this query there was a comment from Yontan which clearly demarked the beginning of created consciousness. He wrote “I find it interesting that the words ‘in the beginning’ in Hebrew are
‘be-re-shiyt’, beginning with the second letter of the alphabet (aleph, beth, gimel, daleth....) which seems to be implying that there is even something prior to this point, which cannot be written.”

‘Augustinian Era’ is the name scientists give to the time before the Big Bang. It is named after Saint Augustine who said before the Earth, there was no time. According to Einstein in his Theory of Relativity, there were no times before the Big Bang.

My take on this, which I posted in the Facebook, is;
Ma'aseh Bereishit (The book of Creation) in the oral tradition of Torah was handed down to very few as the depth of wisdom and the level of consciousness to grasp the inner truth were beyond ordinary uninitiated individuals.

As explained by Yontan, there is subtlety in the very words that are used to denote the 'Beginning'. Concepts are the result of a mental process and for this an apriori consciousness of the elements and their linkages through a process of evolution is mandatory. In the absence of such consciousness before creation only an extrapolation is possible. But this extrapolation suffers from an induced defect of post-creation imprints.

Probably the best explanation for the 'word' which is '
vac' in Sanskrit can be found in Raimondo Pannikar's explanation in his book “The Vedic Experience”.

“According to Vedic Revelation, vac, which was at the beginning, cannot be reduced to a single one of its dimensions. To begin with, thought and language are here so intermingled that no separation is possible. Vac is grammatically feminine and this fact has conditioned a great deal of thinking about the Vedic Word. If an ontology of sex has any meaning at all, it would find here a decisive basis. However that may be, vac expresses that total surrender to the source from which it springs which is characteristically found in the archetype of feminine love, the feminine feature of love being that of finding not only fulfilment but being itself in the beloved.”

Hence it is a potentiality of complex dimension that defies our space-time conditioned consciousness. This is the reason that we have a concept of a beginning only through our human consciousness but in absolute reality there is no time or beginning.

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