Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comprehending the Supersoul

“The Supersoul is the original source of all senses, yet He is without senses. He is unattached, although He is the maintainer of all living beings. He transcends the modes of nature, and at the same time He is the master of all the modes of material nature.”……..BG 13:15

In Bhagavad-Gita, the thirteenth chapter is devoted to understanding the nature of Primal consciousness or the Supersoul and its relation to the material manifestation. The above verse is the critical positioning of the operation of the Primal consciousness when it is perceived in the material or created form. In his commentary on this verse Srila Prabhupada says:

“The Supreme Lord, although the source of all the senses of the living entities, doesn’t have material senses like they have. Actually, the individual souls have spiritual senses, but in conditioned life they are covered with the material elements, and therefore the sense activities are exhibited through matter. The Supreme Lord’s senses are not so covered. His senses are transcendental and are therefore called Nirguna. Guna means the material modes, but His senses are without material covering. It should be understood that His senses are not exactly like ours.”

This is a very difficult explanation from a purely rational point of view. We are confronted with three levels of sense perception; they are at the material level, individual soul level and at the level of the Supersoul.

The first question that comes to one’s mind is; if every element of the manifest and the unmanifest comprise of the original source which is the Supersoul, how can there be any notion of modification? The next question is if material modes are the result of the Gunas, are the Gunas outside the primal nature because we have stated that the primal nature is Nirguna or without material mode. This poses the third question if Gunas are not outside the primal nature where does the false perception arise.

The same chapter verse 24 invites you to fathom these questions and the one who finds an understanding is promised liberation. “One who understands this philosophy concerning material nature, the living entity and the interaction of the modes of nature is sure to attain liberation. He will not take birth here again, regardless of his present position.”
….. BG 13:24

A deeper knowledge of what science is proposing provides a peep into possible answers for these questions. Consciousness, in its primal nature, is a field which exists beyond the four dimensional space-time domain. In theory, it is a sub-Planck scale (10-35m) field of infinite dimensional potentiality. Our material mode, which is locked into the four dimensional construct, though continuously accesses this consciousness field and is a result of this field, fragments the totality of information, through a mental process thus resulting in a limited view or modification (like partial images in a shattered mirror). Hence Gunas are perceptions within the four dimensional field and sense projections are also fragmented projections of a universal whole. Hence Gunas and sense perceptions arise within the four dimensional limited access within individual souls. Therefore Gunas are not outside the consciousness field but a fragmented access.
(the answers given here are purely individual opinion of the author)

If we take a glass of water resting on a table, we perceive an absolutely still volume of liquid in perfect rest. But if we take a micro view at the level of individual water molecules, they are in constant movement and can occupy any position within the liquid volume. The nature of the body of water is similar to the Supersoul, while the individual molecule of water is similar to the individual souls and their action and capacity for free will to exist anywhere within the Volume is their false perception or material mode.

This is not an answer to what has been raised in this short post but a fodder for thought from a new direction.

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  1. While the super soul is the water Iam the water molecule with free will and decision making capacity.Well it does relieve to feel that you will and you are within the fold of the water even if you deviate towards the material instincts.

  2. Subathra, You are correct. That is why there is always hope and the moment the water molecule in its consciousness sees that it is not a separate entity but an integral part of the whole it does not see or feel the its individual movement.