Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beauty from Within

The following verse is taken from the ‘Daily Meditations’ of Deng Ming Dao.

“From a bud, only a promise,
Then gentle opening,
Rich blossoming, bursting fragrance,
The fulfilment of the centre”

If we look around in nature there is a common thread of revelation. The final manifestation through progressive growth is a process of increasing marvel. As explained in the above saying, in the bud there is only a promise. Promise is that in which the final expectation is already predetermined, a final outcome that is already a foregone conclusion. Yet at every stage of unfolding we witness an elation of the spirit. The beholder, though in the knowledge of the inevitable, is continuously treated to an imagery which results in stroking the fire of desire, an expectation with bated breath.

There are two aspects namely the material manifestation which is associated with budding, opening, blooming. Pollinating, withering fructifying and falling and there is a metaphorical aspect and in this there are the stages that are marked by budding, opening, blossoming, pervading and finally fulfilment.
I want to spend sometime on the metaphorical aspect as it relates to our spiritual life.

Budding is a stage when there is a marked change in our being. This comes from our innate desire to manifest our true being. This comes from the core of one’s existence just as the flower bud is the all encompassing potentiality of the final product; namely the flower in all its glory. Every human being is born with birth gifts of four intelligences as Stephen Covey says in his book “The Eighth Habit”. The budding process should create an ambience where the unfolding process can take place. This exercise is not only for any individual but for all with whom we come in contact. The four intelligences are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Opening is facilitated by uninhibited enquiry and seeking. Through this process a validation of intuitive wisdom occurs through wisdom that pervades the universe.
Blossoming is the maturation period when one forms one’s own code of existence which though in conformance to universal dharma, reveals uniqueness due to the karmic determinants in this manifestation. A rose has to smell as a rose not as a jasmine. Certain creations are destined for their aesthetic beauty and not for any other attributes.
Having established the specific mode deploying the combined gifts of our nature, it is the essential requirement that we pervade the ambience of our existence with these unique capabilities that has been bestowed on us through the stages of our growth as an incarnation of the Divine energy. The beautiful prayer of Yeshua as witnessed in the Gospel of John “For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me.”………. John17:8. Empowerment towards Divine consciousness is the common task of all creation.
Finally there is fulfilment of the purpose of creation. To each is given a task. Yeshua says “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do”………. John17:4

Let us all enjoy the unfolding process.

Love to you all.


  1. The process of budding and blossoming spiritually marks the completes the purpose of exisistence or incarnation.But this path is more thorny than being flowery.It is the problems,challenges and pains we undergo that signify the spiritual budding in our thought process.The less challenged we are ,the slower the process of budding is.My contention here is,true liberation of the mind begins to occur only when we realize our life is different and more difficult than others.

  2. Subathra, there are two statements that you have made which I would like to clarify.

    First you say: "It is the problems,challenges and pains we undergo that signify the spiritual budding in our thought process"
    Yes these perceived mental states are mainly due to our attachments. Even the rose bud unless it detaches itself from the enfolding leaves, it can not blossom. So every process in spiritual path involves challenges and pain.

    Secondly your contention "My contention here is,true liberation of the mind begins to occur only when we realize our life is different and more difficult than others" is not correct as far as the relativity of difficulty is concerned. You are correct in stating that everyone's life is different and there is an ordained destiny due to karmic consequences, which for Christians very difficult to digest, as there is one life and then you are doomed to an unalterable destiny.
    But taking a view that one's life is more difficult is a very negative attitude and does not enrich our physical and spiritual growth.
    Thanks for the sharing!