Sunday, January 3, 2010

Immortality – the Immanent Nature

“Having thus spoken, Isis first pours out for Horus the sweet draught of immortality which souls receive from the Gods, and thus begins the most holy discourse. Heaven, crowned with stars, is placed above universal nature, O my son Horos, and nothing is wanting to it of that which constitutes the whole world. It is necessary, then, that all nature should be adorned and completed by that which is above her, for this Order could not proceed from below to above. The supremacy of the greater mysteries over the lesser is imperative. Celestial order reigns over terrestrial order, as being absolutely determined, and inaccessible to the idea of death. Wherefore, the things below lament, being filled with fear before the marvellous beauty and eternal permanence of the heavenly world. For, indeed, a spectacle worthy of contemplation and desire were these magnificence of heaven, revelations of the God as yet unknown, and this sumptuous majesty of night illumined with a penetrating radiance, albeit less than that of the sun, and all these other mysteries which move above in harmonious cadence, ruling and maintaining the things below by secret influences.”

The above writing is from the book of
Hermes Trismegistus known as “The Virgin of the World”.
The Sacred Books of Hermes is an admirable compendium containing the laws, science, and theology of Egypt and were declared by the priests to have been composed during the reign of the Gods, preceding that of their first king, Menes.

I chose to write on this passage, in the very first post for the year 2010, for its insight and great wisdom regarding a relevant proto-Christian Cosmo-theology.

Isis is the Virgin-Mother of Horus. She is "the woman clothed with the sun" of the land of Chem. In the litany apostrophizing her, she is the "Immaculate Lady," "Queen of Heaven," "Illustrious Isis, most powerful, merciful and just," titles transferred entire or with slight change to the Virgin-Mary.
(See Madame Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled, II, 209, for comparison of litanies). And not only was the adoration of Isis restored under a new name, but even her image standing on the crescent moon was adopted by the Christians, while her well-known effigy with Horus in arms has descended to our time in the many pictures of the Madonna and child.

Horus was the last in the line of divine sovereigns in Egypt. A tablet describes him as the "substance of his father," of whom he is an incarnation and identical with him. This is amplified by Hermes Trismegistus as Horus being fed with the ‘sweet draught of immortality’.

What follows this saying is the great truth of how order has descended form above into lower creation or order. When one looks up into the cosmos he perceives, what appears to be a, chaos. But this perception is due to the limited consciousness of the lower created order which is subjected to idea of death and impermanence. In reality the higher order, which is now being discovered through science, is possible only through a permanency and unchanging singularity. In his wisdom Hermes Trismegistus says that this deep insight is the revelation of the "God yet unknown".
The interconnectedness between the higher order or the cosmic consciousness and the lower order observer consciousness is beautifully brought out in the last portion of the quoted passage. The majesty of the heavens and all the associated mysteries resulting from our observations, such as the existence of dark matter and energy as 96% constituent of the universe, are the root cause for our existence. It is the secret yet very permanent influence of the cosmos that drives our individual existence upon this earth.

This realization is that which has driven many leading scientists and cosmologists to become ardent supporters of a universal or cosmic consciousness as the fundamental substrate of created order.

With this thought let us begin the New Year and grow in love (attraction) for all creation.

Love to you all

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