Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grounding Yourself

Kris Cahill, a psychic healer in an article written by her says “Did you know that there is a tool you can use to make yourself safe and relaxed, release anxiety, depression, stress, pain and fatigue, let go of the past, make your body happy and calm, and allow you to manifest what it is you want to create? Plus, it won’t cost you a dime, and doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects!
This tool is known as ‘grounding’, and has been around for eons. It’s safe, free, and available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Having grounding for yourself can create stability and safety for your body. This makes it easier for you to feel well in your body, which then makes it possible for you to have enough energy to create your life.
Grounding is taught in many beginning meditation classes. Being able to have grounding first makes it possible for other techniques and information to be safely taught. Grounding makes things real, makes your body real, and makes it possible for you to manifest what it is you want in your life.
Grounding makes it possible to release energies that get caught in you that are not yours. This makes it easier to heal yourself, by letting go of harmful energies that can have a negative effect on your body. Having a tool that allows you to let go is nothing short of miraculous. Grounding itself is a miracle.”

Well it is easy to articulate this process of grounding but practicing it requires a broader understanding why we get into all the tangle and twists that blocks our energy flow. It is important that we realize that the energy within us is a given potential which is designed for a natural evolution to higher order and complexity as we grow and live our lives. This evolution of our internal energy domain is purely in the spiritual realm. But we make the fist mistake of thinking that this internal energy is physical. If we realize that the spiritual manifests itself as the physical then we would not have the problem of over indulgence. If we are totally rooted in nature as a new species, with no ego-mind dominated emotions or thoughts, then this type of maturing is possible. But due to evolutionary, socio-cultural and peer pressures, a continuous modification happens within our energy fields. These pressures are all encompassing in whatever we take in as resources for our enrichment, like education, parental grooming, our relationships and the bodily nourishments that we intake. This understanding is the starting point or grounding in our healing through realization and contemplation."

Grounding is something that one can never be taught but a state one can be guided into realizing. The biggest scars we carry in our energy fields are the imprints from the past and the fears of the future. If we are able to surrender ourselves to the Divine plan, in the realization that we are an integral and inseparable part of the cosmic energy field or as I prefer to call it the Cosmic Consciousness, then we can rest easy with all that happens to us. It is this positive attitude that there is a predestined plan for each one of us and nothing on earth can change this and that we must flow like a river for our own well being. This attitude is not fatalistic in nature but one in which we must consciously engage in active contribution, through thought and action, in abiding with the action of the Spirit, through enriching the self, humanity and the ecosystem. This is the true meaning of the Genesis verse “And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food. And it was so.”
……Genesis 2:30

Here the true meaning for ‘food’ is ‘sustenance’. Not a selfish motive of sustenance of one’s body but a holistic perspective. Man, because of his superior consciousness, has been assigned the role of a sustainer or co-creator.

Love to you all


  1. Dear Sir

    Have a nice day

    Well, the "Grounding yourself" is indeed a very interesting article and nicely worded.

    As you rightly pointed out in the synopses, Grounding cannot be taught which is an experience which cannot be explained with the help of words similar in line with "celibacy" cannot be practiced.

    On this day of your wedding day, we feel happy for having read this article and pray the Almighty to shower His blessings for a happy and blissful life.

    Your contribution to mankind to continue and add value to people's spiritual life.

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  2. Grounding yourself,forgettng the past scars and brushing aside fears about future seem to be possible.But what really seems to inhibit the free flow of living is the bundle of contradictions with which we live the present.The double or multiple standards we take, signify the first of such contradictions.And as women we assume a variety ot totally contradictory roles and call this as efficient management.If only every woman makes a free choice,I'm sure life will not be like this.

  3. Dear KVK,
    Thanks for your feedback and your wishes. I will endeavour to use my full potential to serve humanity and your good intentions go a long way in this journey.
    Best wishes to you & your family

  4. Thanks for your observations, Subathra. The standards that you speak of are always in the social domain. This is always imposed by the cultural pressures and this is not unique to women only, as what happens to women is seriously influence by what men assume to be a socio-cultural expectation or standard (a classical example is the perception of female beauty). It is only through a spiritual route that one can move beyond this level of living.