Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Manifestation as God’s Thought

“We are interdependently co-arising collapsed possibility waves transiently manifesting as space-time events in God's mind. Agree? Or in Simpler non quantum version - We are on/off thoughts in God's mind manifesting as people, things and events. There is only God.”………….. Deepak Chopra

The higher aspect of meditation in achieving enlightenment is the principle of
Vaishvanara Vidya.
Isolated meditations on different conceptual entities were considered by the great teacher,
Ashvapati, the king, mentioned in the Chandogya Upanishad, as defective. If you meditate on any specific thing, you are excluding something thereby. You cannot think one thing without excluding something else. The thought that something is excluded from the thought ‘that something is being concentrated upon’ is also a thought. Exclusion of the thought of some object from the thought on which the concentration is carried on is not possible because the thought that something is excluded persists, while the intention is not to think of the excluded object. It is like a story: someone told ‘When you drink milk, do not think of a monkey’; then every time the milk was taken, monkey only came to the mind. A strong will to impose exclusion results in an equally strong attraction towards that which is excluded. This is the dynamics of the mental process. All thoughts result from certain frame of reference combined with accretion of memories or impressions.

There is no such thing in the history of the cosmos that one thing can be excluded entirely from the other. We can not study the solar system in isolation without the effect the Milky Way Galaxy has on its orbit around the Galaxy. The idea of exclusion is futile, because to exclude another thing from one thing, the mind that excludes should be present in that object also which is excluded. This is a trick that is played by the mind.

This is why the great teacher
Ashvapati mentions to the six great sages who went to him for learning the art of meditation on the Atman that they are all defective. He asked questions, ‘O Great Sages!’ On what do you all meditate?’ They gave different answers. Various, different, totally
isolated concepts were the objects of their meditation. The king said, ‘you are all making two mistakes: one thing is that the thing that you are meditating upon is outside you; this is one mistake; the other mistake is that the thing on which you are meditating is in one place only’.

If we try to contemplate on an entity in one place only then a natural corollary is that there is some other entity in some other place. Hence
Vaishvanara Vidya teaches the totally inclusive meditation.
Swami Krishnananda says in his commentary on ‘Brahma Sutra’; “If this meditation through the Vaishvanara Vidya process becomes intense, you will no more be there as a meditator of the Vaishvanara because of the Inclusiveness of the same. It is an All-Consuming Fire and you will not be there to behold It. You will be reduced to the Fire Itself.
Then what remains? A big blaze of Self-Identity, Universal in its nature. We cannot speak much thereafter about this, but if this Universal Conflagration of the Fire of Vaishvanara can engulf us, thrice blessed we would be and it will lead us to
Sadyo Mukti; you become liberated at once.”

This is what Deepak Chopra says in both scientific and metaphysical terms.

Love to you all


  1. The thoughts on Maifestation as god's thought leads us towards becoming part of the whole entity, to which we originally belonged to. Infact it indicates the destined path of life.We begin our earthly journey and as we grow we tend to understand and develop our self identity and after spending almost an entire life in this process ,we begin to realize that all those efforts and strain are based on falsified notions of self.We shall then come to know that losing all that we searched for, is the ultimate end and goal of our journey.

  2. What a beautiful comment to receive on the first day of 2010.
    Dear Subathra! may your wisdom spread to heal humanity.