Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clothed in Love

In continuation of the post I did on the importance of the physical senses as being the primary portals through which man must aspire for higher consciousness, I present the thoughts of some eminent spiritual leaders of the past in how the process of transcendence can be initiated in our earthly manifestation.
In his commentary on the
“Odes of Solomon” Swami Nirmalananda Giri quotes the Zoroastrian sage, Kaspar, who said: “Man was a thought of God, formed in the image of the Septonate (seven sages), clothed in the substances of soul. And his desires were strong; he sought to manifest on every plane of life, and for himself he made a body of the ethers of the earthly forms, and so descended to the plane of earth. In this descent he lost his birthright; lost his harmony with God, and made discordant all the notes of life. Non-harmony and evil are the same; so evil is the handiwork of man” through the body which the Essene teacher Elihu called “the body of desires.”

The esoteric and Theosophic writings in the "Aquarian Gospel of of Jesus Christ", an apocryphal text states in chapter VIII verse 7-9, “The lower self, the carnal self, the body of desires, is a reflection of the higher self, distorted by the murky ethers of the flesh. The lower self is an illusion, and will pass away; the higher self is God in man, and will not pass away. The lower self is the embodiment of truth reversed, and so is falsehood manifest.” Its is the body of desires that separates us from God by turning us outward away from the inner kingdom of God toward the transient world and creating in us a myriad desires, none of which cannot be fulfilled because nothing in the world can ever be possessed, but only grasped and eventually lost.

There is, however, another body, the “body of union” that is the immortal spirit. Regarding this the Essene teacher Salome said: “Now spirit loves the pure, the good, the true; the body of desires extols the selfish self; the soul becomes the battle ground between the two.” Those who ensure the victory of the spirit over the flesh are the ones who truly love God, for true love results in the union of the lover and the loved.

Hence this process of conflict is the field of Kurukshetra wherein the two aspects of the self are in constant struggle. Let us listen to Sun Tzu’s advice in the ‘Art of War’: “Warfare is the way of deception”. It is exactly through this principle of deception that the lower self, through its myriad illusions, wins the battle. The senses which are the beneficiary agents of perception need to be constantly informed of the deception to which they are being subject to. The best way of achieving this is to feed them gratification at a higher plane which they would be able to grasp in a progressive manner.

Man has been created as an altruistic being capable of infinite love. Do we not feel an elation of joy when we behold happiness in our own children? The bond of love is the bridge through which happiness of the self can be realized through happiness of others. This is the reason that selfless service for happiness and well being of others and the nourishment of the ecosystem brings joy to a subject of this love relationship.

Let us cloth ourselves with love for all that we behold and through this magical garment we will experience a move towards our higher self.

Love to you all


  1. As I stepped into the school bus today morning,I was overwhelmed by the joyous screams of the kids.They had been waititing for me to sing Happy Birthday'to one of the kids.I was wondering all the time only kids can exhibit this pure happinesss without any effort.They have simple desires which do not combat with their altuistic nature.Yes,in order to win over the struggle within ourselves ,we need to become like children.

  2. Yes! you are reflecting the thoughts of Jesus who said "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven"...Matthew 18:3